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TVI: The Battle begins…

If American Idol Season 12’s preliminary round had the most brutal cut, The Voice (Indonesia)’s second round employs a killer knock out stage. AI presented 10 and the judges – and then the viewers – determined the top 5 to proceed. TVI staged two per round and their coach got to choose the better one. Ouch. (Wait. This wasn’t what I heard from last week’s narrated teaser. Did I mishear it?? Hmm…) Anyway, let the battle begin~

Selected voices gathered. The coach paired every two contestants up, picked a song for them to sing, and with a certain co-coach oversaw the dry run until the final rehearsal. S/he will then decide who makes the cut on The Battle round, regardless of three other coaches’ opinions. Yup, I took notes this time so I got the performances sequenced as follows:

1)    Team Armand: Dita VS Lince <Tolong bu dokter – The Flowers>
(Spectacular showdown. A blast! Great show opener. Harmonica is definitely Dita’s vantage point, but she tends to overperform. Lince got into the groove and I like her rockery voice better.)

2)    Team Sherina: Kerieleson VS Rizky <Beat it – MJ>
(This version added a different feel and twist to the song. Nice combo. Kerieleson’s soulfulness and pleasant tone won me over.)

3)    Team Glenn: Montecarlo VS Saenab <Tak bisa ke lain hati – Kla Project>

4)    Team Giring: Arden VS Branta <Tak pernah padam – Sandhy Sondoro>
(Yes, Arden’s timbre is similar to Sandhy’s, gruff, the type that I tend to like easily.)

5)     Team Sherina: Eka VS Fredy <Saat bahagia – Ungu ft Andien>
(Stiff, tense performance. No spark. Though Eka’s harmony during the choruses was off, I actually like her voice.)

6)    Team Armand: Roni VS Yerry <Right here waiting – Richard Marx>
(Too battle-y. Too straining. Trying too hard to top the other. Not an enjoyable duet.)

*) Italic names proceeded. My picks? Lince-Kerieleson-Montecarlo-Arden-Eka-Roni.

Wow, wow, wow. What a mind-boggling show. With a groundbreaking, barbarous cut. It is a tough round for the hopefuls. They need to cooperate and put on a great show. They have to control one’s ego, merge their voices well while concurrently remember to stand out. It is collaboration, but it’s a competition after all. Nevertheless, I believe it’s tough for the coaches as well. They are the one nurturing the talents, also the one putting out flames of hope. The staged output might not be the sole deciding factor since the coach was there during the process. Just my wildest guess.

It’s all down to “preference,” Armand said, or “voice with character,” tweeted Glenn. What more can I say? I agree. In reality, possessing the finest quality alone doesn’t guarantee you the top spot. Worst case scenario happens when two great voices go neck and neck. If they weren’t, chances are they could end up being the show’s winners. Which was the case for a couple of today’s pairs. The tightest call for me was on the first two rounds. It’s a bummer to let great voices go. And is it just me or it is more difficult to choose if it’s a male-female combi? Idk, for me the vocals are so complementary it’s hard to judge who does a better job.

Alas, the episode commenced with a bang that it went downhill from there and ended on an anticlimax. Order matters to keep the tension up is all I’m saying. And since only six duos took the ring in this episode, The Battle round will likely last for the next three-four weeks. Bring it on!

P.s. last but not least, we get to see more Darius. Yay. His presence livens up the studio and moderates the show effectively. He’s relaxed yet poised, casual yet professional. It’s his disposition, control, and hostability that makes him one of my favorite hosts, and one of the nation’s best. Of all domestic talent-search reality shows, TVI’s production assemblage is so far one of the niftiest – if not the most.



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