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TVI: End of blind audition

The first stage of TVI ends after six Sundays. Finally. I feel it drags on for a bit too long. The last two episodes weren’t as exciting as the first four. The voices weren’t as great, the tension dipped, buttons were hit less frequently, and fewer chairs turned.

It might be due to the quota capped to the coaches, who are able to select and get selected by 14 auditionees each. In the beginning they were more impulsive; they openly picked and enthusiastically fought for the chosen one(s), which made the episodes mirthful and highly entertaining. However, they became more cautious and critical as the glass was close to brimming; they passed more hopefuls or prodded the other(s) to push the button instead as they couldn’t bring more into their own teams. Doesn’t it negate the prerogative of a coach?

Thus, for the last two weeks, the auditionees went from having to choose between three-four coaches to having no option at all. Until every coach secured a full team of fourteen candidates. Which begs the question: how many applicants aren’t able to get a shot because the capacity is already reached? That’d be interesting to find out…

And right when (my) interest is about to plunge, TVI teases us with snippets of the next round, The Battle, wherein seven pairs from each coach will take the ring and battle their voices out. Only six pairs per team will proceed. Which doesn’t seem like too much of a cut, but is pretty intriguing. Well, that’s for the next week, so until then~



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2 thoughts on “TVI: End of blind audition

  1. TVI actually stands for The Voice Indonesia. I like using acronyms, hope it didn’t confuse you. Thanks for dropping by 😉


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