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The Voice Indonesia: first impression

Finally there’s a talent search reality show that I look forward to every week. \o/

I never watch The Voice before though heard bits and pieces of The Voice USA, so I familiarized myself with the format to get a gist of what the whole show’s about. It’s only the beginning and I like and enjoy what I watched so far.

The blind audition part has its own devil as it’s the voice and only the voice that will win the coach’s heart, nothing else. But those chosen to sing on the stage are those who can truly sing – so it spares us the agony of having to watch through those preposterous, pain-in-the-ear auditions (which may be funny and all, but more often than not they get unbearable to watch – or listen to in this case). So again, blind auditionees rely only on their voice and song choice. It may be a hit or miss, but at least they’re heard and valuated for their worth.

If judges on Idol stay as judges and those on X-Factor coach a group of contestants which’s assigned to them, the coaches of The Voice select who they want to coach, and have to win over the auditionee’s heart if two or more coaches push the button. So, the contestant has a say on whose team he/she wants to be a part of, which will make or break their fate on the competition ahead.

Well, this is the fun part. Usually bored to tears during a commentary section, I am highly entertained by the bickering, the cheesy or swoon-worthy sweet-talk the coaches say to convince the candidates to join their team. Of course the flattery gets repetitive as more and more auditionees take the stage, but it’s the voice quality that keeps the ball rolling.

So yes, I like the whole package of The Voice Indonesia. I like the ensemble; I even like the host, Darius, even though he’ll probably continue playing a minor part until the blind audition is over. This show is promising and the potential is definitely there. Let’s see where it’s going…

As for what I wish to see (more) is constructive feedback for those not hand-picked so they know what they need to improve on. I don’t buy it if every coach praised them but didn’t push the button. It’s about preference and taste, one may argue, but why didn’t they just give them a chance?

And…can they please have a change of outfit? It’s been three weeks now and they all still wear the same apparels. If you want to break the blind audition into so-and-so episodes, you may want to as well care for the little details like this. Just my two cents.



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