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Real views! Yay?

On a crossroad.

I’ve always wanted to get my writings viewed. One of the reasons I start a blog is to share my thoughts on things with the universe. At times I fear if I was being too bold on a subject but I stand behind the right of having freedom of thought. Still, there are posts that I put on private, and I choose carefully – and make multiple layers of editing and self-censoring – the contents that would be publicly accessible.

I took the time to make yet another editing to suit the blog’s (html) setting, and after a few moments and several more fixes hit ‘publish’. I was willing to put it online, but am I ready to have people read and possibly comment on that? Turns out it chickened me out when my blog got real views.

Five consecutive hits on a tv show post is enough to got me all edgy. Five. With the right keyword, that post appears on the first page of google search. It receives no comment yet, probably because it’s written in English and I didn’t recap or touch on the performances most visitors are lurkers/silent readers, but this presents me the (scary) potential WordPress is able to expose me and my writing to a greater audience. I was probably getting too comfy on my Multiply channel, which remained undercover and undiscovered till the end, that this potential gives me a shudder.

I want this. I want people to see and notice my oeuvre, appreciate my effort, respect my views, and most desirably acknowledge that I may indeed have a flair for writing write well. But am I ready to take the lead and accept all the consequences that might come in tow…?? *deliberating*



I blog sometimes, gush ofttimes, snark all the time.

What do you think?

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