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Packing up my bag from Multiply

Multiply’s latest news: the blogging service will be obliterated per December 1st as they will focus on the e-commerce section. It was quite a news to me but I wasn’t floored. I happened to read the notification upon hitting the inbox button that I haven’t clicked for months. If I hadn’t, I might’ve been oblivious to this fact probably until I can no longer access my journal. Won’t say I would miss it so much as what I posted there was merely a tiny fraction of the private journal I keep only for myself. Moreover, that site is barely known by those who know me and hasn’t been visited by anyone for the past few years. I am not active in any online community either. So, nobody would actually miss its extinction from Multiply.

Nevertheless, I do see it as a virtual refuge of thoughts that I can afford to share with whoever willing to read it. And I am happy to see my works being ‘published’ online. And I lo~ve my current background layout. I wasn’t really active in it except for the past year and didn’t initially open an account to blog. However, I think it’s (one of) the best platform(s) as it offers one-stop blogging service where we could categorize content into videos, journal, review, etc. For me who likes to write/comment on almost anything, it’s a great feature as I could store my personal ramblings, comments, and reviews on one site while concurrently keep them separate (d’you get it?).

Anyway, would many be disappointed with this decision? Cuz I don’t think it’s a major/popular blogging site… dunno how many more posts I would make till Dec 1, or where I should export the contents into, or whether I should really open another account somewhere else.

So yes, as you can se, as per… I think November 2012(?) I decided to bring nearly everything over to WordPress after going over several blogging platforms out there to choose from. One of the reasons is because WP offers an option where I could choose to publish a post or keep it private. It may seem like a wtf to you — why keep it private when you post something on the internet, duh? — but it is a holy grail feature for me.

Anyway, importing the posts caused some minor misalignments here and there (eg: the layout, setting, links, and tags). They don’t need to be fixed per se, but being quite a perfectionist, I just can’t leave it as it is. So…I’m tidying them up one post at a time. Don’t know how long that’d take, or how diligent I’d be, or how much time I’d be willing to spend reassigning and reorganizing more than 200 posts, but I’m doing it 🙂



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