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Your Eyes…

I can stare right at/into them forever…


haha, juz kidding.

am NOT flailing, but am happy he finally gets his ‘right’ (read: nice, good one that suits him) hairstyle back (Good job, hairstylist!) so i can at least stare at him when all else fails.

Yeah, Your Eyes almost fails me. Completely.

I have no idea why they don’t bundle this as a Double A-side single alongside Face Down if it’s for Aiba’s currently airing drama. His and Ohno’s are aired during the same time, both sporting detective/mystery genre though the theme songs are diametrical, wouldn’t it be more powerful that way? Face Down was released a month ago, and despite not following any dramas now, i bet their run should be almost over by now. Maybe there’s a marketing strategy behind this not-so-wise move.

Anyway, YE is a poor follow-up of Face Down imho. Wild At Heart is catchy and infectious, Face Down has some ‘punch’ and sophisticated dance move it’s entrancing to watch (omg, how flawless Ohno is…), while YE is… futsuu. It bears typical Japanese tunes it’d fit an anime perfectly but for a single? It’s plain and rather forgettable. It’s fine for a side-b song, but it contains inadequate standout qualities to be promoted as a lead single.

Once i read people moaning how unattractive the PV is, i had imagined it’d be another pop/ballad song thus i skipped to Music Station live performance instead. It wasn’t entirely disappointing given Sho’s stunning feature; the cameramen must’ve liked him since there’re a couple of nice close-up shots of him (LOL)…

yemsta-13h27m01s208 yemsta-13h28m36s152

Anyway… Jun’s also sporting a new hairstyle, while Nino (O.O) is turning blonde (for his new project apparently). Despite his fair leans pale skin tone, he is not one to pull off this color nicely — perhaps he picked the wrong shade xp. Ohno is Ohno. Aiba… i can’t bear looking at him (over)trying his best to look cool/serious. That cringed me. Being the center is probably too much a pressure for him to handle cuz he looked stiff and uncomfortable.

Ohno took a rest belting no solo part, although Nino and Aiba’s solos sounded pretty darn good. No complaints there, really 😉

YE is an okay song for now. It has yet to grow on me, and i guess it’ll get to me eventually, like any other Arashi song did.

Your take?




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