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Final Glance at Operation Proposal

So, I gave up on OP at episode 10. I don’t entirely drop the drama as I still see through it till the end. By ‘see’ I really mean see, as in look – I went for the recaps for the remaining episodes and skimmed through the stills, then skipped to the comments section to read several opinions of what people had for the episode/drama. I didn’t read OP recaps even when I was still following the drama, but I did for the final episode. The only reason I was sticking to it was because I was curious as to how PD would wrap up this messy production. From what I read, it failed to redeem itself. I thus had no regret dropping OP though I should’ve done that much earlier.

I kept up with it till episode 8 as you could tell if you follow my irregular postings (xp) and lagged soon after. The subbed version was released fast enough that I finished each week’s dual episodes before the recaps were up on dramabeans. Again I’m repeating myself, this show has never hooked me so my interest was soon lost. I literally struggled through 9-10 – I sorta forced myself to sit through ‘em before finally raising a white flag in utter defeat.

There’s a limit before one’s get bored to read similar thing over and over again, so I’ll do my best not to repeat myself too much cuz sometimes I just can’t help it, tehee…

I started OP simply because I revere ProDai – and because I had so much spare time then. I was piqued enough to see for myself their adaptation of the series, what fresh ideas they had in mind to bring into it. This may not be the most objective opinion as I didn’t entirely watch OP, but I don’t think it has much effect even if I did: OP is a poor adaptation of ProDai, to say the least. If I were to watch OP first, I wouldn’t want to try ProDai out. Luckily I still hold poignant, tender moments of ProDai dearly in my memory/heart…

I don’t know why OP ended up like this since it started out fine and safe. I might’ve been comparing it consistently with ProDai since I did have high expectation of OP given ProDai’s success and great plotline that I found the problem surfaces once it deviates from the book and starts scrapping up its own storyline. I understand that PD’s got to be creative as no one wants to see the Korean cookie-cutter version on ProDai, but the problem is the supposedly fresh idea(s) is weak leans boring(-me-to-tears). Add to that the alternate present time which confuses everyone and is unnecessarily – perhaps unwittingly – complicated. And when I think it couldn’t get any worse, PD starts throwing in makjang elements (Car accidents! Death! Undead! Selective amnesia! Birth secret!) O.O

[Spoilers ahead] Yeah, the alternate realities have been my constant pet peeve since it serves as just yet another reason for Baek-ho to time travel and reverse or undo the present. In the end, Baek-ho not only wins Yi-seul’s heart (duh!) but also changes his and his friends’ career and life, makes it into Major League, and saves Yi-seul from dying, all with only a few hours/days of time-traveling to the past. All is well and perfect when you can get yourself a conductor who turns out to be your deceased ancestor. How great life is that reversing death is even possible. I call that an utter mess of gaping plotholes. Thus, I jeered at the screen when I saw – and read – that OP resorted to ProDai’s way eventually (the wedding ‘speech’ and its aftermath including conductor-Yi-seul’s brief encounter).

That being said, I can never understand those who favor OP over ProDai. I know it’s a matter of preference, but that just doesn’t make any sense! I could write up an argument as long as a research paper as to why the magic doesn’t spark in OP. As for the rating, this may not be entirely objective, but even if I finished the drama it wouldn’t soar higher than 2 stars.

At the end, what bugged me wasn’t the incantation as I’d expected it to but the “Happy Valentine’s Day!” radio greeting every time Baek-ho zaps into present-time. zzz

Writer’s note: That’s it! Glad this long-overdue entry is wrapped up and gets posted =)
– May 2, 2012



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