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Arashi is Wild at Heart!



Well, and NOT just at heart, but also in action. Watch them goofing around and just being themselves in their latest PV, Wild at Heart (the theme song for Matsujun’s Getsu9 currently airing drama, Lucky Seven).

FUN~! It is a fun video with the members clearly enjoying themselves during shooting time, and I am happy to say that after a long while i finally found another PV that i can put on repeat and still revel in every single second of it (cannot remember the last Arashi PV that i love as much as this, but their recent ones were painfully similar and bland i could only stay watching them a few times).


The magic probably lies in their playfulness, joyous-spirit, and effective use of sparkly vibrant background colors. The set-concepts aren’t new, but the feeling is — it feels fresh and the directing is rather creative — though the super-narrow walled-aisle set induces claustrophobia.

I never quite like the song to begin with, but start to appreciate it more thanks to this lively PV. I even like the retro dance-number and outfit — it fits them! xp — and the jumbled-up graceless positions they’re in, and the various faces they make, and the funny poses they strike. It made my day.

And boy, do they ever age? The lighting may play the tricks, but who could’ve believed these guys are all going to be in their 30s soon?

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