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Chemical Alert

We have the 29th Feb this year… It’s utterly random, i know, but don’t you think this date is quite special too? Rare is one thing, and like the Olympic Games or World Cup we can only live through this day once every four years. So, if we did something special on this day, we could only commemorate it four years from now… ‘Kay, ’nuff of this randomness.

Aaanyway… just wondering: have you ever checked out the ingredients list of the products that you’re buying and applying to your body (ie personal-care products)?

I have. I do read through every single word printed on the bottle/container/whatever whenever i’m bored, including the brain-gawking ingredients — which reads more of like a foreign language to me. I have no idea what they are or how they’re pronounced. (Definitely the years spent on studying chemistry didn’t help to the least.) With all of health and safety standards and regulations concerning chemicals used in daily products, it’s never once crossed my mind that any of them could pose a hazard to human health.

So, that one day i watched a program on tv informing us of the dangerous chemical substances often used in cosmetics. Curious, i scanned through my personal-care products and found to my amazement that nearly all of them contain the said substance. The most common ones are paraben (and its derivatives like propyl-, methyl-, or butyl-paraben), SLS/SLES (sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate), and propylene glycol which are allegedly harmful.

I’ve been scouring and riffing through the net for more information, and i am no liking what i’ve read so far. I mean, those are the products used on a daily basis, rubbed onto and absorbed into our body. If they do indeed pose a health threat, how come they can be mass-produced and globally-distributed?

It’s also stated in one of the docs that female are more prone to the exposure as they use more beauty products than male. Duh, isn’t that obvious? I personally don’t use too many products, but seeing the rate it goes, we women are screwed by the doctrine of beauty imparted on us to look beautiful (by primping up etc). Gosh…

Thereafter i dare not touch my make-up superfluously although i cannot really skip essential toiletries like moisturizer, facial cleanser, body wash, shampoo, toothpaste, and deo…



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