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[MV] Stop – Dewi Sandra & Olla Ramlan

Gorgeous music video, fabulous recycle.

I appreciate it when recyclers add their own unique styles and feelings to it — when they’re painstakingly similar, what’s the point (of doing covers)?

Anyway, I’m lurving the visuals the minute I saw this video some time last year, but just couldn’t — and then forgot to — find one online with decent quality to repost it under here.

A fan of neither, but i find Dewi’s voice to be quite good — it has body and is soulful — while for Olla’s… I just hope singers stay singing and whatever-trying-to-turned-singers stay being whatever their previous profession is. I mean, i believe many like to sing, but there’s a reason why not everybody can become a singer.

Don’t get me wrong. They look delicious on screen, but when it comes to music, i prefer to ply my ear. Why? Simple; i couldn’t spend my entire day watching a performance, but i could cushily repeat forever a track.

But, dammit , i should put an exception to this particular song.

Video makers, make more videos like this, will ya?

source/credit: call832

ps. i have trouble posting it under videos, so i put it away under journal for now. O.O turned out every (supposedly) failed attempt to import them from YT was successfully posted as draft. So now i have 6 IDENTICAL videos down here. Haizzz… So in case you wonder why there’s no video item #35-9, you know what doltishly happened ;’X  This note isn’t applicable here since this is an imported post, but i’ll preserve this for… a keepsake?



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