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Upset? Toss some pasta!

After watching Arashi’s variety shows, I was enticed to recreate some of its cooking methods. One that I’ve been testing for several times is peperoncino (aniki guest: Kawagoe Tatsuya). The original creation showed was simply tossing pasta in olive oil browned with thinly chopped garlic and red chili. I’m not die-hard yet so instead I used regular cooking oil in past experiments. And I have to say, the taste’s improving by the number of trials.

So this noon I decided to try something new, making use of ready-to-use sauce while preserving the basics of peperoncino. The end result was scrumptious, seriously. The sauce could’ve been thicker but the taste was good. Either I fused it deliciously or the ready-to-use sauce is nice in and of itself – thus the delectable flavor.

I have to admit, the sauce has a dainty smell, and since I didn’t add much seasoning, I suppose it was really the sauce that created the overall taste =( As hard as I reckoned my concoction contributed something to the end product. >,<

But then, if anyone can make delicious dishes with groceries’ pre-made condiments, is cooking that cushy? And does that person can be said a good cook? Hmmm…



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