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Count your blessing: spin-off

This idea occurred shortly after posting up the 101 Blessings, which was exactly a year ago. Being such a cunctator, I’m penning it down just now. Actually not so much on procrastination side as I felt that it might be overwhelming with me looking so worked up into listing all the goodness in my life, thus I encumbered. Totally have no intention to make it a yearly to-do list, though, but I feel that this is the right time to again count our blessings. Not to be full of oneself but to remind ourselves of our current good welfare – which depends largely on our viewpoint, really.

With this in mind… here I am, extracting what I’ve wanted to put down supposedly a year ago. It’s hard to resist the temptation of relisting 101 blessings; hence I came up with this idea. This is sort of the spin-off of that idea with more detailed, elaborate, and personal per se. The archetype seems to lead to more of corporeal things (eg what I have, what I can). What follows would thus cover the intangible part (eg why I’m happy with being me and being born this way):

– Born in late 80s…
01. Enable me to live in a peacetime. Warfare is regrettably still happening in many parts of the world but I feel so grateful that I’m spared from such atrocious and harrowing living condition.

02. Have me a privilege of advanced, state-of-the-art technology. It has eased our work and life tremendously that I dare not to imagine what it’d be like without such luxury.

03. Was big enough to enjoy the boom of western’s boys and girls band with their everlasting songs (90s to early 2000s produced the best songs ever in my opinion. They never grow old or get tired to listen to) yet still erm… age-appropriate enough* to witness and be a fan of blossoming eh… Asian idol groups. (*t/n: not too old xp)

04. Which also applies to feature and literature: I was at the right age and time to bask in the hype of Lord of the Rings trilogy and Harry Potter series (no, not Twilight though) amongst many, many others.

– Born in Jkt, ID
05. ID is no developed country, neither is it the worst developing country out there. It’s kinda in the middle, I guess, and it helps that I live and grow up in the capital city – arguably the best spot to live in a country. We enjoy better infrastructures, facilities, and services (lifestyle too, I must add) than other cities.

06. Being part of rich, diversified society with hundreds of cultures, ethnics, tribes, races, and dialects help me to accept, tolerate, and respect multifariousness. Racism still sadly exists but I feel that I’m less prejudiced than what I’d otherwise become were I to grow up somewhere else. The world is yet to embrace differences with a warm big hug.

07. I’m Chinese, so it’s a good thing to be born in this country as it gets me siblings. (Referring to China’s one-child policy).

 Bearing my family’s surname
08. It’s been repetitive by now, but I cannot NOT emphasize how blessed I am to be part of this family. Middle-income as we are, we’re still able to enjoy and live a good lifeThings mightn’t look too bright lately but we managed to get the basics covered, eat three meals a day, are fit and healthy, own a house, have a car or two to use, and are debt-free.

09. A whole ménage that is fairly close to one another. By no means exaggerating but I’m staying with the best people I could’ve ever been with.

10. Which also carries good genes, hehe. Really. I can evidence how many covet our figures/statures. I’m not all happy with this (as it’s hard to find taller-than-me guys) but it’s done me more good than bad, so… =)

– Tobecontinued… xp



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