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I’ve noticed that it’s easier for me to dream in the morning while vacillating between waking up or continue sleeping – and thus dreaming on. Don’t dreams occur when we’re in deep sleep? Or maybe I remember only those nearing my wake-up period? Then what about dreaming during afternoon naps?

Anyway, I’ve been having sporadic, random dreams. I can only recall bits and pieces of it but they’re quite nonsensical…and weird. I read that we can only dream about people we’ve met in life, whether or not we remember them, but how about locations? Although it sometimes took place within familiar premises, lately it’s been totally foreign to me. Yet, some facets tend to recur – similar spots and contexts. Do dreams have specific meaning behind it?

I have a feeling that dreams are by no means prescient. At times I do feel that déjà vus are fulfillment of past dreams, but those which I could recollect didn’t materialize. Like US’ presidency election a few years ago or my failing national exam. Last Friday, I vividly dreamt of receiving a call from a company i was just interviewed for telling me brusquely that I didn’t make the cut. Even after waking up I still had the lingering mood of disappointment and dreaded that I indeed screwed yet another chance. YET at the very same day I received a real call confirming my next interview with its GM.

It’s been a major query from me as to whether dreams don’t come true if I could remember what it was…

They say dreams are merely dreams – they’re meaningless. Others say it’s an atavism of our day activities, or embodiment of our desires or wants or yearnings. Yet mine didn’t seem to match those hypotheses. Like how I kept dreaming of one particular person for a few straight days when I wasn’t thinking of him (or her) at all – unless I did subconsciously. Conversely, I didn’t dream of something that’s been occupying my minds. It startles me every time; that I could dream of someone I haven’t been meeting or thinking of for a while. Interestingly, my relationship with any of them mirrored our real-life’s – close to acquaintances and remote from those I admired from afar.

Well, I guess we can never control dreams – when it happens, what it’s about, or how long it’ll last. Nevertheless, I truly question of the possibility of dreams being diametrical to reality. The improbables are possible within a dream, be it happy nice dreams or nightmares…



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