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49 Days: halfway through

So it really was Kang’s – the first tear. The discovery of the seal prompted him to put all sporadic pieces into one foolproof illation. That didn’t answer the question though – of whether Ji-hyun must witness the tears herself to count it in – since Kang cried in front of her comatose body, which was technically before her. If so, would it be fine if someone cries over Yi-kyung?

I mean, all this time Ji-hyun has been representing Yi-kyung, hence the growing affection for her as Yi-kyung. She said that the tear-gathering project wasn’t as important anymore since she cannot change the fact whether she’s loved during her life pre-accident – which I agreed wholeheartedly – but how about newly-made acquaintances she’s befriended while inhabiting Yi-kyung’s body? Should they truly grow to love her and subsequently shed a pure tear, that will count too, yes?

Another burning question is about Scheduler’s reaper term. We’ve found out that he’s Yi-soo and his accident took place the day Ji-hyun lost hold of her body. It’s been five years, he’s never broken any ethereal rules that cost him extra reaper-time, so his term should be over by now if he started becoming a reaper the day he died. Yet, Ji-hyun became his last ‘customer’ thus his term is up by the time her 49 days is over.

Does that imply that… Scheduler was a 49-day-er too? He might’ve failed to collect three drops of pure tears so he couldn’t come back, hence his volunteering to a five-year Reaper term, which would enable him to do a certain thing he didn’t have the chance to. That…makes sense, doesn’t it?

Two more tears to get, 14 days left. Will it be easier that her identity is figured out by several people? It’s getting interesting that more and more people know the truth, implausible as it is, to see where they’re heading to afterwards. I just wish things move faster with In-jung-Min-ho scheme as it’s been dragging the drama (pace) down. We have yet to find out the underlying reasons of what spurred the nasty plan in the first place, but since the characters are smart enough to see through Ji-hyun’s disguise and lucky enough to get the beans spilled about nearly everything, I hope this case is unraveled soon so that we can move on to the next stage – or problem.

Anyway, with 6 remaining episodes, I’ve come to realize how minor Seo-woo’s part in the whole scenario. She has so little screen-time, presence, or even significance that I start to doubt she’ll contribute either of the tears. We know that she’s the nicer of the two – thus a strong candidate for the tears – I’ll be glad should she shed a tear in the early episodes. Things have been entangled so complicatedly that her tear now would only seem like a consolation prize sans impact.

I’m expecting twists, and pleasant surprises, so I believe the last two tears would come from those zooming in and out the screen. Potential contenders? In-jung, Min-ho, Scheduler, and Yi-kyung.

I don’t actually like to make speculations, let alone about scripted shows. Everything may have been determined even before production starts that it kinda futile – to hypothesize, albeit the fun. Because it’ll lead me to have expectations, and mine is no joke; when I do have one, it’s high’s high. And… the higher the expectation, the harder the blow. They tend to disappoint me, especially the endings, which would chafe me without fail.

Well, I won’t even have to time to form one should I watch the series in marathon. Which I can’t though I’d love to. Which would also spare me from the killing curiosity due to great, effective cliffhangers. But I suppose that’s the thrill of following a series. It’s the pull factor that keep viewers engaged to tune in for the next installments.

(Although it still bewilders me of what causes my local soap operas to gain so high a rating and so long the episodes when the stories are all similar…in a bleh, uneducating way. Do they have a creative team? What’s with trite violence, murder attempts, kidnappings, human traffickings, baby switchings, fake deaths, amnesias, replete with terrible acting and boringly monovular background music? They all solely revolve around greed and hatred. They only fatten up the actors’ savings incredulously without imparting any goodness to public at large.)

Um, where was i? Oh, 49 Days! Haha. Sorry. I’ve gotten carried away at times. So…yeah…I’m enjoying the series so far and hoping for a satisfying ending. It better be good. Please be good.


— On Episode 17 —

Omg. 3 episodes left and no second tear yet?! At this rate, I fear that Ji-hyun will not make it. Unless PD jampacks two tears into an episode (within minutes) and boom! she wakes up. But then she still has to deal with her lost memory while a 49-day-er. And tackles on In-jung-Min-ho’s secret dealings. AND we still have Yi-kyung and Yi-soo’s (advent) last moments of wish fulfillment. AND I DON’T want all of them to happen in the final chapter. Me want an unequivocal clearing and poignant ending, particularly enough time for the characters to sort things out before the veil drops.

It by no means has to be happy ending since I’m totally open to Ji-hyun’s moving on. Well, it’s unlikely that Yi-soo will be alive, thus it’s likely for her to ride the elevator with him eventually, leaving Kang and Yi-kyung to support each other (in friendly term) and continue living. That’d make a nice closure for the series given the fact that Ji-hyun helps Yi-kyung to regain her positive outlook in life, spurs Yi-soo to retrieve his memory, gives Kang second-chance to redeem past misunderstandings, saves parents from insolvency, and delivers karma to the evil couple.



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