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49 Days: the first tear

Almost 11 episodes in, Ji-hyun finally gets her first genuine tear. And as the source of the tear remains top-secret, that served as one of the best cliffhangers ever. Also, i cried a bucket of tears throughout the episode. It’s been a while since i cried so intensely (over a fictional tale) that my head hurt; thus despite being a little early (as it’s only halfway aired on TV) 49 Days has presented itself as a strong candidate to be included in the list of my sentimental favorites next. Well, that’s bound to happen when a story screams “ad hominem!” to me, which then would almost always hook me right from the start despite its overly-too-familiar scenes, stories, lines, settings and everything else compounded.

49 Days toys with the concept of second chances given to selected souls to prove their worthiness in (re)living. It has set the rules straight from the beginning, and the consequences for breaking any of them, but what i like about it is what lies beyond: Ji-hyun must complete the task of collecting three pure tears from people around her but family members as proof that she’s genuinely loved thus deserves the chance to re-enter human world – and i’m lurving the idea of getting to find out what others truly think of us as a person.

Unlike other titles with similar concept, 49 Days provides a more complex – if direful – situation for Ji-hyun (and us as viewers): she is still alive, technically, and is borrowing another’s also-still-alive body instead of hijacking a deceased body. She is thus cannot use the body as she pleases, which puts into perspective that 49 days ain’t that long. Her identity can never be found out unlike what happened in, say, Love is Cinta (Indonesian movie), while her temporary living expenses must be covered by no other than herself.

So far it’s been a good watch without being too mellow (until episode 10 comes around) with some hilarious parts from Ji-hyun-Scheduler’s interactions albeit being a bit lagging around the collection of the tears. Three aren’t many, arguably, yet halfway through and we’re given no positive sign toward getting any, i thought the writer would keep it to later episodes hence it’s surprising (yet enthralling) that one tear is in by now. (I’ve also thought that she must be present before the crying person so as to gather the tear, but it seems unnecessary.)

Back to the origin of the tear, we’re led to suspect that it’s Kang’s, but for me that just seems unlikely as it being Seo Woo’s given the current unfolding circumstances. Methought it’s from the Scheduler – or from Heaven after hearing her heartbreaking outcry for help – but reading comments on the possibility of it being Ji-hyun’s herself is thoroughly intriguing.

THAT is one sound assessment referring to the fact that Scheduler has just berated on her hypocrisy as she is not one to cry pure tears for others either. And now that it’s dawned on her the true meaning of love and living, and the difficulties to regain her forfeited life back, she possibly for the first time mulls over her life for her own sake; hence the tears… BUT I have YET to find out… arrgghh!!



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