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Nice post-rain weather with grey clouds

New Year’s day kicked off with rain drizzling from morning till noon. Result? Clean, clear, fresh air. Post-rain, it would usually be so humid it doesn’t feel nice on skin, yet that day was an exception. The air was so refreshingly chilly as if living on a mountainside; cool breezes sneaked into the room through the windows that i left wide open for good measure.

The cool atmosphere lasted till the afternoon, when it dawned on me that the day had been pretty quiet without vehicles zooming in and out the neighborhood. Either they were still on holidays or basking in the nice weather – which was tantalizing us to slip into the warm blankie and continue sleeping – just like I did xp

We should’ve welcomed rainy season by now, yet the changing season has been unpredictable hence my peppering razor-sharp complaints on how (scorching) hot the days have been. Rain’s so scarce that it would delight me every time i sniff the smell of rain or hear the sound of water splashing on the ground – only to gripe later on how humid it’d be or how brief the rain lasted as if it’s mocking us.

Thus, that day i went out to take a look outside, expecting to see a clear blue sky after such a long rain. Weird as it was, there was no streak of blue; instead, all i saw was grey clouds hanging low in the sky. Which then got me into poetic mood: that the sky wanted to impart new spirit of new year as well. As if the rain has cleansed our bad memories away, making room for clear and endless opportunity ahead, albeit not one without hurdles. The grey clouds connoted that.

The leaves that have never looked that green swung sides to sides as gentle wind blew past as though relish the joy of new year, dancing to welcome the new hopes of tomorrow. I too need to be more positive in 2012, and ahead. It is thus time to close the book of 2011, turn a new leaf and start anew. I cannot afford to always look back and repent for what’s happened. Particularly about work. *groan* Because factually i’ve gotten it (i even worked for my dream company, for good measure) regardless of the afterevents. It – ermm, they – might not have gone well last year, but that says nothing about what could be this year.

Resolution-wise, i still won’t be doing it due to the reason(s) i’ve previously stated. Which is possibly largely due to how many were left unfulfilled even for the upmost points. So, i won’t be touting on what i’d be achieving but let things unfold naturally. Should it be, then be it. Let The Almighty mastermind the journey with me doing my utmost to the best of my possibility. Quoting what Marcel (singer) put together beautifully in a program on MNCTV (loosely translated into English):

There are three phases in life: past, present, and future. Oftentimes we dwell too much in the past or look too far ahead that we’ve forgotten that we’re living in the present. Yes, the past shaped the us today, yet there’ll be no future if we don’t start from now. So, do our best in the present so that we can get where we’ve wanted to in the future.

Just like what they normally ask during interviews: where do you see yourself in five years? To which I’ve responded that i wish to have been sitting in managerial position by then, BUT i just won’t get there should i not start working (my way up) from now. Or like Merry Riana and her one-million-dollar dream by the age of 30 (she’s accomplished that at 26 years of age), which wouldn’t have been possible had she not begun earning money and accumulating wealth since her early 20s. Fair enough?



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