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[Movie] 27 Dresses

“Someday… God knows when… But someday, it’ll be my day…”

This movie ain’t fun or fresh, is draggy, cliché, and predictable, they said. But guess what? I love 27 Dresses! Burns might’ve said that guys won’t see this unless there’s a woman forcing them to; one reviewer referred this as a woman’s movie. But i am a woman, so yes, i love 27 Dresses.

I’ve watched many rom-com movies before to know that this movie follows the overused pattern, yet i don’t always fall for any of this if the story isn’t engaging (me). And though many liked The Devil Wears Prada better (same scriptwriter), i don’t think the two are comparable since they’re thematically different. But if they insist, i have to say i’d prefer 27 Dresses. Why? Because i’m a sucker for this type of storyplot. Of unrequited love.

Although reviewers argued that the series of unfortunate events that Jane is facing is unrealistic, or that we shouldn’t pity her as The One’s waiting for her (she just hasn’t realized it yet), or that it’s silly that modern girls feel incomplete without a lover… i guess women know better of how it feels to have a huge crush on somebody who doesn’t notice her back, who likes (and then dates) the girl’s significant other instead… that she can only moon over him from far whilst silently trying to erase that feeling off. I mean, which girl isn’t dreaming of a fancy ‘perfect’ wedding?

So, 27 Dresses tells a story of Jane Nichols (Heigl) who has been the maid of honor for 27 weddings (she has so many close friends, huh?). She is so busy taking care of her friends’ needs (I initially thought she works as a wedding planner) that she forgets to care for her own personal life. Well, not that she doesn’t care, because she’s been secretly in love with her very boss George (Burns). As her friend Casey (Greer) puts it, she’s foolishly hoping that “one day George is gonna wake up and realize that he’s madly in love” with her.

Unfortunately, he falls for Jane’s sister Tess (Akerman) instead, and they instantly hit it off. Jane can only look at them bitterly as the two plan the wedding she’s wanted to have, down to wearing mom’s dress, tying the knot in the boathouse (with the man Jane loves, too!). Worse, Tess appoints her to be her bridesmaid, whose task includes taking care of all the wedding details. Jane who never says no to anybody cannot possibly let her baby sister down.

Meanwhile, Jane’s ‘peculiarity’ catches the attention of a weekly wedding columnist writer, Kevin Doyle, who also happens to be Jane’s favorite. Being dully stuck to ‘Commitments’ column, Kevin (Marsden) sees Jane’s perpetual bridesmaid story as a ticket to get ahead in his career. He then contacted Tess, telling her that he’s gonna cover her whirlwind love story with George, which then has him inch closer to Jane as he needs to dig information from family members and friends “for the article”…

The story is made more complicated as Tess isn’t really a flawless human; she is rather selfish and keeps her own dirty little secrets away from George. She fundamentally builds the relationship based on lies that Jane can no longer put up with it. The question is whether The Sweet Jane actually has the guts to reveal the truth, and whom she’s gonna choose in the end.

The ending is predictable, as previously mentioned, but the journey towards it tickled me. (The “get over here” part is especially……<3; it sent shivers down my spine – I couldn’t express it any better.) American/European movies are usually too western a story to me that I find them rarely relatable. But this one is. There’s a common story of one-sided love, sister rivalry (aka the love-hate relationship), and… the prince charming. And though I don’t really find this movie funny, the wittiness lightens the tone of the film. I also haven’t watched this kind of genre for quite some time that I got particulary ‘sensitive’ – I was shedding tears during many of its tender moments.

Besides, the leads are charming (Marsden has such a killer smile!), both are incredulously expressive, the chemisty between the two is amazing that they bring the story up a notch. The plot also flows naturally it doesn’t feel forced – never a dull moment. There’re things I don’t like about it – e.g. the way they let loose after shots of alcohol – but then it’s somehow impossible to like everything about anything, so… yeah…

Anyhow, you may or may not enjoy the movie, but I did.
One of my sentimental favorites.

Rating: 4/5
Director: Anne Fletcher
Production: Fox 2000 Pictures and Spyglass Entertainment, 2008
Cast: Katherine Heigl, James Marsden, Malin Akerman, Edward Burns, Judy Greer
Genre: Romantic-Comedy



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