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The Golden Rules (20)

Have had this in stores ever since i got my hands on the 7 Golden Rules. However, i didn’t feel the need to share this, then, as i assumed the shorter the better. I also found another one with 21 points, but i personally consider this one easier to follow and try out as it’s more elaborate. So, yeah, i’ve decided to post it here, now, because i’m in need for another positive boost after all negative thoughts and circumstances happening lately.

20 Golden Rules
to Live Your Life with Positive Energy
and Achieve More

Achieve more than you ever thought possible by shedding negative energy and surrounding yourself with more positive energy with these 20 golden rules.

We fail in life because of the negative energies that surround us. Most of these negative energies develop because of our own thoughts. Given below are 20 golden rules that will help you live you life with positive energy and achieve more than you ever thought possible.

1.) Don’t take advantage of others: Don’t take anyone for granted. You might think that the other person is naive and is not going to mind, but he does. So respect everyone no matter how gullible you think the other person is.

2.) Don’t work for money – work for a cause: Never work for money. Work because you like to work. Work thinking of the end product of the work and money will follow suit. It’s not the other way round.

3.) Behave with others the way you want others to behave with you: The only thing I like about the Bible is the golden rule which is to behave with others the way you want other to behave with you. Practice it!

4.) If you have the capacity, help others: Great people show their greatness by the way they treat small people. So if you are in a position to help others, do so. Think twice before turning down someone’s plea for help.

5.) Practice Silence – Don’t talk too much: You waste a lot of positive energy by talking. Talk less and you will be amazed at the amount of work you can get done.

6.) Don’t Ridicule or Support People Who do it: Making fun of others is easy, but is a stupid thing to do. People who ridicule others do so because they do not have a backbone. They lack confidence so they try to find the negatives in others and poke fun at them. Stay away from such people and do not laugh at their jokes.

7.) Develop Empathy: Try and understand others. Analyze their actions and figure out why they do what they do. Understanding others will help you understand your own being more clearly.

8.) Don’t Try to Please Everyone: If you try to please everyone, you will end up pleasing no one. So learn to say no.

9.) Don’t be Too Religious: Religion is man made. If you feel at any point that you are being too religious and your religious faith is hindering the way you work or behave with others, then it is time to change. Don’t take religion too seriously. No one knows if God actually exists so cool down a bit. There are better things to do than reading a bible or sitting for hours in the church unless and until you love doing it. If you do it out of guilt stop doing it.

10.) Try Looking at the Positives in Other People: Don’t focus on the negatives. Focus on positives of other people and this will directly reflect on the way you look at your own self.

11.) Respect your body: Your body is your greatest gift. Respect it and work towards removing the factors that makes you dislike it. If you are obese start doing some exercises to reduce obesity. If you are a smoker, work towards reducing the smoke intake. Love your body and your body will love you back by molding itself the way you want it to look.

12.) Define your own success: Forget about society’s definition of success. Society will tell you that fame and money is what makes you successful. But this combination does not work for every one of us. So define your own success and try to achieve it. If you think living a lazy life in the countryside is your definition of success then go for it. Don’t bother about what others think.

13.) Don’t get too excited: Remain at ground zero at all times. Never get too excited, even if you with 100 million dollars keep your cool. Remember that nothing in life is permanent. So there is no point in getting excited about anything. Feel happy that you achieved what you achieved and move on. There are many more things left to achieve.

14.) Change the way you look at this world: The world looks at you the way you look at the world. If you think the world is bad, it is bad. If you think it is good, it is good. So remove the negatives and start looking at the positives. Remember that this world is nothing by your thought. You are what you think you are.

15.) Try to remain thoughtless at times: Going into a thoughtless state of mind is difficult. But you can achieve it by constant practice of meditation. Concentrate on your breathing and try to forget everything for a while.

16.) Do not marry if you don’t want to: Don’t marry because of peer pressure or by any other pressure. If you don’t feel like settling down you should not. Marriage is just a process defined by the society. And society is made by human beings like you and me. There is nothing wrong in defying laws made by men if those laws go against your beliefs.

17.) Quit your job if you don’t like it: You are not doing anyone any good by doing something that you don’t like to do. If you don’t like your job, quit it today. Don’t wait to get another job before quitting the current one. Quit your job if you don’t like it and then look for another one. Believe in yourself and you are sure to get a new job, a job that you will like. You can even start something on your own. It’s not that hard, believe me.

18.) Do not over spend or take a loan even at zero interest prices: Spend what you have. If there are certain things that you cannot buy with what you have, you probably should not be buying it in the first place. You can very well survive without it. So unless it is absolutely necessary, stay away from taking loans no matter how attractive the scheme may be.

19.) Don’t discriminate: Everyone is a human being and is as vulnerable as everyone else. So why discriminate? You are bigger than the other person only if you can cheat death or if you are indestructible; which you obviously are not. So stop discriminating and start accepting others for what they are.

20.) Learn to forgive and forget: Don’t keep burning in vengeance to take revenge over something. There are many reasons why the other person could have behaved the way he did. Just forget it and move on when ever possible. This will keep you away from a whole lot of negative emotions.

By Roger Peter



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