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“If one choice were a hundred, it wouldn’t be a choice, but an answer. It’s because they’re fifty-fifty that it’s a choice, thus weigh it carefully. Once you choose, do not to look back, and turn that fifty into a hundred, to prove to yourself that you made the right choice.”
~ Jin-gook; DREAM HIGH (K-drama) Episode 15 ~
Transl: girlfriday

This also serves me a lesson.

That life’s rarely black and white; there are lots of gray areas. That the sky is not always bright and sunny; there are times when it’s dark and cloudy, or even raining torrentially. Yet, it’s only after a stormy weather will there be a rainbow. There are a lot of things I don’t agree with that I have to accept, though grudgingly.

Pada akhirnya, aku hanya ingin mengakhiri dengan baik segala sesuatu yg kumulai dengan (niat) baik. To leave behind no hard feelings. Memang tak selamanya awal yg baik berakhir dengan baik, begitu pula sebaliknya tak selalu awal yg buruk berakhir buruk. Jalannya hidup siapa yg bisa mengira. Aku hanya bisa berusaha menjalaninya dengan ikhlas.

I’ve made my decision. And like what Jin-gook told Hye-mi, i won’t look back but to prove that i’ve made the correct one. There’s only one way to go in life, and that’s forward (Christopher Reeve).

I’ve been chanting this to myself (while make necessary adjustments to the lyrics):

Thought it was forever through any kind of weather
But someday I will find what I’m searching for

Try again, never stop believing
Try again, don’t give up on my dream
Stumble and fall is the heart of it all
When I fall down, just try again

When you fall down…just try again

<Try Again – Westlife>

The best is yet to come
Something good is going to happen; everything’s gonna be alright.
Don’t be discouraged; it’s often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock.

“All my life i’ve been good, but now… I~m thinking what the hell”

Mati satu tumbuh seribu! Life goes on…



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