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Still on Dream High

This is what I am dreading of occurring.

After the cheery bubbly episodes, Dream High takes a dramatic turn in episode 11 when Sam-dong becomes all disheartened and gloomy, gets a shorter haircut and an earring for good measure. Oh no, my smiley Sam-dong is gone!*cry*  I understand it’s a statement of change, but I prefer Sam-dong in his longer hair without earring – it doesn’t look good on him. Maybe because his ever-present broad grin has vanished out of sight. Luckily the cute Milk-couple and hilarious Jin-man moments peek in to save the day lest the episode will be entirely depressing to watch.

The episode focuses on Sam-dong’s fragility that Jin-gook is somehow forgotten. It’s the reversal order of Episode 1-2 where Sam-dong appeared in flashes. Now it’s Jin-gook who barely has lines or scenes. The post-kiss effect is unbearably huge on Sam-dong but it’s also disjointed given the fact that Hye-mi and Jin-gook are completely separated. No connection, no nothing. Gah. What happened, you two? Don’t tell me it’s ‘what happens in Japan stays in Japan’.

Everything moves forward but their relationship: Teacher Kang’s resignation, Sam-dong’s anguished demeanor, the Milk-couple’s it’s-not-a-date date, and Baek-hee’s felo-de-se.

Oh, come on scriptwriter, why so biased? Give Baek-hee a chance too! She’s cracked under pressure to prove her merit and now you frame her to do devilish acts like plagiarizing? I thought the thumbtack-then-pot incidents were evil enough. So-unfair. It’s not as if she has no ability whatsoever; else, why would President Jung chose her over Hye-mi then? (Which also raises the question as to why he decided to hand-pick Hye-mi after heartlessly turning her entreaty down .)

Poor girl. She has been so cornered that she decided to do what she can to save herself, clinging onto her last strand of lifeline, because no one’s willing to stand up for her. Please do her character justice like you’ve done for Hye-mi. She’s dreaming high too and she deserves a spot in the podium just like her peers.


— On episode 14 —

OMG. I cried for almost the whole episode! Well, until all of the six leads (finally!) come, sit, and get together – hands on top of one another’s. I don’t know whether I was unusually sensitive today, or… it really is a weepy episode. I cried during Kyung-jin-Baek-hee scenes; i cried during the teachers’ meetings scenes; i cried during dad-Jin-gook scenes; i cried during Hye-mi singing to Baek-hee scene despite not understanding the lyrics – after reading the translation, i thought to myself that i’d have sobbed should the translation were present on-screen. Tears of solace, all of them.

Well, I’ve predicted that the incident had something to do with her (seeing how Jin-gook and Baek-hee were going to meet the president within close time-frame). I’ve also guessed that it was an indecent move on Baek-hee thus I wasn’t surprised to see her half-babbling to Hye-mi about it. I just wanna know what it really was – I was spot on. I agree that Dream High has done a good job on not dragging a matter for too long. It is a sensitive issue throughout the world I believe (wherein the female victims being blamed for the assault) but I was glad that Baek-hee stepped out of her faux-refuge towards the light. With many people on her back this time, friends and teachers alike.

But then, after all ‘major’ conflicts have subsided we’re back on our leads’ triangle. Sigh. Not that I don’t welcome it, but it’s painful to see (yet again) a male lead broods while the other grins (over a girl). I’m not foolish enough to think that it’s over, especially not after that particular question Hye-mi asked Pil-sook about. Yep, as to how to know if you like the opposite sex of yours. Well, that dangles a carrot that Hye-mi is yet to discover her own feelings. She shuddered at Pil-sook’s cute cliché explanation though I bet that’s the eureka (AHA!) moment for her. (Can I add that Kyung-jin looks awkwardly quaint with her newfound realization that she’s attracted to Oh-hyuk? Poor Jin-man lol)

So yeah, I can hear Sam-dong shippers squeal in delight by the last scene. Not that it’s unexpected, I must say. Lemme delve deep into this after I watch the finale… (or the special).



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