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More on Dream High

Shuffling back to Dream High. Heehaw…

Drama, why so awesome? Bet if my bandwidth was supportive enough I’d have eaten up the series in one or two days top. Moving into episode 10, sadly to say, I knew beforehand what would happen. Stupid me, I should say. Upon learning that DH is a star-studded drama and that people are anticipating this Kim Soo-hyun so much… well, it’s only after I journeyed into a few episodes did I find myself googling the names.

First was the Kim Soo-hyun people are so crazed about. Surprised to read that (according to dramawiki) DH is only his second role – the first being Will it Snow for Christmas? He must have been real’ good there.

I need not browse for Taecyeon as I am familiar with him – just watched him in Cinderella’s Sister with his peculiar accent. But here he’s accompanied by his fellow 2PM’s member Woo-young. So I searched for 2PM instead, to see which MV I can stalk down. I decided on Hands up, the latest one, and since I’m only familiar with those two, they’re the ones I notice the most in the MV – besides, their parts sound good and they look cool. How to NOT notice Taec’s many gorgeous faces he made there? The tunes are catchy (pu-pu-pu-pu-pu put your hands up!), but disco songs rarely get into me.

I recognize T-ara (and IU) by name and saw one of their MVs once, but the trouble came after I typed Suzy Miss A. Scrolling down the page, my eyes bumped into a conspicuous allkpop headline: “Suzy on kiss scene with Taec…” o,O Whoops! I have just seen a couple episodes and I got myself spoiled like this?! Anyway, I clicked on that (I really should’ve not). She commented that it was “awkward” given that the scene was filmed earlier even though the actual scene will be aired only later in episode 10. (Her comment reminded me of Emma Watson’s when asked about her kiss scene with Rupert Grint – her reply was “weird.”) This is a big blowoff as kissing scene(s) is what I’m waiting for in a drama – how and when it happened. And here I was, watching episode 10 already knowing that the kiss would take place within the episode. No fun, I tell you.

Nevertheless, upon seeing Sam-dong in his shawl peeking behind a tree, I am aware just how early the shooting might be. I saw a post containing stills with his newly-cut hairstyle around the time episode 3-4 was aired. Now the question is: will the acting be incoherent that way? The actors’ acting gets polished up along the way I am afraid they might not pull off the later (kiss) scene that well yet if filmed with premature acts. Now I’m just confusing myself. What I mean is, the kiss scene is supposedly the turning point for the characters of a drama that I am afraid the actors are not up to the challenge yet if such big scenes meant for later episodes are shot early. Erm, do I make myself any clearer?

So yeah, the result is… many are complaining, the other half gets defensive, but (nearly) everyone unanimously cries for or together with Sam-dong. I personally cannot find words to describe his stupefied expression there. Ouch. (Albeit I frankly don’t think Sam-dong should’ve been that shocked. He knows whom Hye-mi likes anyway. But the kiss is the affirmation he needed. Just sayin’)

Now I wonder where the kiss will bring us.

I find it unfair to compare KSH with Taecyeon on acting skills. (KSH is just a natural. Rich in facial expressions and all. Now I’m dying to hear his voice and line deliveries – despite the dubber’s good work so far). Or to bash only Taec when he isn’t the only one whose acting isn’t good yet. Suzy’s Ferris wheel’s crying scene is as impassive as ever. Her deadpan expression can be hilarious but at times I cannot get past that, especially not in supposedly heartfelt crying scenes. Nevertheless, Javabeans chips in her two cents for Taec’s acting in episode 10’s recap. Hers is kinda harsh imo but since he apparently “asked for acting critique” he should’ve braced himself for the worst.

Now who’s saying watching doesn’t work the brain? Watching – just like reading – stimulates my thinking as I will almost always have a thing or two to say about what I’ve just seen (although whether I’d actually write it down remains a mystery – I didn’t do this while indulging in Baker King or the frustrating Cinderella’s Sister or the earlier dramas I’ve watched). Especially if it’s exceedingly good or bad (lol) wherein I will either praise or bash. Unless it’s so [insert-an-adjective-here] that it leaves me speechless. Hope you get the sarcasm.



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