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Mada minu sekai e

The boys looked GOOD (and hot) indeed.

I’m referring to their Music Station performance. The autotune hurts and the choreo isn’t the best i’ve seen of Arashi, but it is more intense and quick paced compared to the recent ones like Troublemaker, Monster, Love rainbow, and even Lotus. The dance is also nice to watch as it has almost no turn-like-a-ballet-dancer spin. At least it’s fitting to the song’s rhythm.

It’s good to see more dancing and less close-up shoots although Aiba got the least close-up screen time.

As stated in this post, i am eggcited to see a PV with rap part. And watching the rapper executes his part live is… ❤ (just drop the autotune alr!)

Anywaay, i guess i am happy as long as there’s rap part (or good dance) in it.

for the said-video, go here.



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