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Mahalnya sebuah kata maaf

We just finished feeding our stomach around 8pm in Greenville area (where many seafood restaurants are in stock for you to choose). We entered the car when another car pulled up beside us. Its right rear door swung open and we heard a thud from our left side. It was a soft thud; (usually we just cuss the doer and never pursue it further) my dad lowered the window and said, “Hati-hati dong *i.”

I expected a sorry comes out from the woman’s mouth. That’s the natural reply in this situation, isn’t it? To my astonishment, she retorted, “Ini pelan-pelan kok. Kalau ga percaya liat aja.” (like, to see it ourselves that it left no scratch whatsoever)


I gaped at her. She looked unremorseful — it’s more like she’s challenging us with that look and demeanor. The hubby or whoever asked her what happened. He didn’t offer any apology either, and they both walked away like nothing happened.

I. Was. Speechless.

My father then commented, “They’re like that.” (I won’t specify the ‘they’ here)
“Just because they have better, more expensive car, they’re cocky.”
Well, it’s our old Kijang vs. their silky smooth white CR-V.

Yeah, our car may be old and look ‘unappealing’, yet it is a car too. It’s bought with money, too. Just put yourself in our shoes – if somebody else bumped into your car, would you be upset, even if it was a tiny thud? Don’t think just because you drive a CR-V you can act like a snob. I wonder how those driving Jaguar and the likes carry themselves.

You know what, i don’t really wanna make a fuss about this. But this shows how luxurious an apology is. Salah aja ga mau minta maaf, gimana kalau benar namun disalahkan? Haiz. Zaman sekarang manusia sudah ga ada sopan santunnya. Ga ada maaf ataupun terima kasih. Ga pernah diajarin kali ya? It irks me so much that people cannot even offer an apology when it’s clearly necessary – not to admit that they do wrong, but at least for what happened.

But, you know… Sometimes what we need is a simple (sincere) sorry.



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