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[Drama] Pasta: Episode 17

Pasta episode 17 has several scenes that I lo~ve.

First is wherein San is (finally!!) being firm towards Disgraced Seol. He still acts like a live mannequin in the kitchen tho’, when Disgraced Seol mocks Chef’s decision to pass Yoo-kyung’s scallop antipasto, which receives a complaint – much to Disgraced Seol’s glee. After all those episodes, doesn’t San learn to speak up?

Also, after hearing enough of Chef’s hollering in each episode, I have to wonder if nobody teaches anyone how to properly cook a dish in the kitchen. I mean, doesn’t the kitchen have a standard of how a dish is prepared, cooked, plated? I believe they should have a standard recipe any cook should follow lest the taste to vary. What is the use of repeatedly yelling and ordering for a redo if not accompanied by a set of correct instructions?

I don’t fancy the way the story develops, still; Nevertheless, in one particular scene after Chef makes a comeback – which throws Disgraced Seol half-insane – San finally utters the words I’d have said long ago if I were him: he adjusts Disgraced Seol’s salary to that of a junior waiter (he deserves it!) and raises Team Korea’s salary. Disgraced Seol naturally strongly objects this idea; he being the breadwinner cannot survive with a waiter’s salary. Why San brings his nemesis back and does this to him? San simply says the kitchen needs a chef and if he’s unsatisfied with the salary, he can take his leave and find other job. Disgraced Seol can only scream in frustration.

Oh, San, how I LOVE you for this!!

Another cute moment is the scene where San (as usual) tries to console Yoo-kyung after a weary shift which finds her being relegated to desserts station. Head Chef won’t let them get too cozy together and interferes – shortly before Yoo-kyung’s dad makes a sudden appearance. Caught in this threesome situation, dad quickly clocks in the awkward atmosphere when three of them realize his arrival. The air is tense yet risible and cute at the same time. The more when dad pointedly asks if these two men are the ones who like her, whom she told him about before. Startled, Yoo-kyung abashedly tries to stop him from prodding more. Dad brushes her aside, digging in further, “So which one is the rich, kind, and rational; the one who always compliments your cooking?” (I have to giggle at this, seriously!)

To which Hyun-wook breaks the silence, “That’s definitely not me.”

Dad’s expression exudes a swallowed retort of, “Omo, these bast*rds!” before inviting them out to eat – then makes a funny face and way of deciding which one to bag out first. He picks Hyun-wook since Yoo-kyung chooses him. Dad orders a meal and it looks like Head Chef will flaunt his cooking skills to impress dad-to-be but dad wants Yoo-kyung to do it. While watching her cook, dad whispers to him that he likes the other one better. LOL.

How adorable it is to see these  usually-cool-and-composed-guys to look that nervous and act that jittery around Yoo-kyung’s dad. Ah~ I like Pasta for this.

Give me more, give me moree… I order more of these~



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