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[Drama] Pasta: till episode 15’s rant

Janji adalah utang. Jangan menjanjikan sesuatu yg (kau tahu) tak dapat kau penuhi. (=Promise is debt. Don’t promise something (you know) you can’t fulfill.)

Today I’m gonna talk about k-drama PASTA which I’ve watched until episode 15. Five more to go. So, from the beginning I know this ain’t a drama that will make it to my favorite list. Until episode 15 it still belongs to the “okay” range. Not one that’s so interesting to watch, but entertaining enough to get by. It doesn’t have the X factor that gets me glued to my seat or impatiently wait for the next episode. Blame it to the non-engrossing plot.

Not that it is boring, but when an episode ends, it doesn’t have the appeal to bring the viewers to dutifully sit down and watch the next one. Nor will it have you second-guessing of what will happen next. There’s not much going on in an episode that if you skip an episode or two and resume watching you’ll still able to follow without much frowning and fret over what you’ve missed.

The biggest pet peeve I have of this drama is probably because nobody sticks to their words. And it’s beyond that oh-so-stock notion of “I won’t fall in love in him/her” but oh-boy yes he/she did. Therefore watch out your mouth. Mulutmu harimaumu.

The #1 contender is no other than our lead man, Choi Hyun-wook aka the Head Chef. His hollering alone hurts my senses but it may suggest that he has an unwavering conviction. You believe that too? There must be something behind his firm statement of “there’s no woman (and love) in my kitchen” which we already know by now what that is, but for him to easily renege on his own words is…laughable. Yoo-kyung made it into his all-men circle licitly thus Hyun-wook can only bit his own tongue. But to effortlessly accept Se-young (moreover with her Head Chef title)? And now he agrees to share his room with his co-Chef.

For the no-love notion, I assume he should do something to maneuver it—YET after half-professing that it’d be different should they not work together, he asks Yoo-kyung out IN THE KITCHEN. Ex-president Seol finally makes a fuss about it in today’s episode. He witnessed them kissing at a bus stop and demands him fired. Hyun-wook definitely makes a blunder but his words can be ambiguous. There’s no love IN the kitchen doesn’t mean there cannot be one OUTSIDE it. What Hyun-wook objected to was Ho-nam’s improper act INSIDE his kitchen DURING working time. (I guess it has been an unofficial rule not to date your colleague – some are lenient enough to forbid partners to work in the same department/division while others are stricter: no partners in the same company. Because, honestly, their unabashed PDA (public display of affection) can be pretty disturbing.) Yet what ex-president Seol witnessed happened off-kitchen, off-shift. What Eun-soo saw would be a more valid proof to kick Hyun-wook out.

Next, Se-young. A food practitioner as she was, I don’t get it why she forgoes her regular TV program to work as the #2 Chef below ex-bf Hyun-wook. To [re]gain recognition from him as a woman and chef, she said it, yet heretofore she has made no move towards it except adding another flame to the already overheated kitchen. On Day 1 she stated that she’ll adhere to Chef’s words, to do as she’s told. But then for the next few days she unbendingly counters the Chef’s instructions, glares at him, insists that her way is better. Where are the words gone…?

Apart from La Sfera’s kitchen scenes and flares, the drama is mostly about Hyun-wook and Yoo-kyung. It’s unlikely to turn into four-square love since the second leads just sit, watch, and look on. Like Se-young, San will only end up with unrequited love (and this is not because, well, he is the second lead after all). He should have made his move since day 1—he’s three years ahead of Hyun-wook, for goodness’ sake! How the hell would Yoo-kyung know if all he’s been is an annoying regular customer, now a caring boss, and a still ongoing anonymous sender of cactuses (the pictures of, not the plant)?

Besides, San is the most toothless boss ever. He takes over the restaurant and aims to be more hands-on (e.g. handing the monthly salary in person) yet all he does is stay silent to whatever problem that arises. He is almost always on-the-scene whenever an outburst haps but never interrupts let alone tries to stop them. He lets anyone take stage, compromising the waiting customers. The most irritating of them is probably his stance on president-turned-waiter Seol (I’d rather call him Disgraced Seol). He lets him get fired, then takes him in to work as the most junior waiter, pays him his president salary, tolerates his “I am the president” acts, and allows him to run afoul in the kitchen. Why nobody else complains??

Disgraced Seol is fuming over Hyun-wook’s messing with his (overpaid) earnings when he started it off first by divulging Team Italy’s higher salary to Team Korea. (Frankly, it ain’t that infuriating. Team Italy studied and worked in Italy. They arguably have finer skills, experience, and exposure than Team Korea do.) And why is he so mad about Hyun-wook-Yoo-kyung dating? It should be Ho-nam who is the most upset, not him. He’s fired due to his own unethical conduct, remember? What’s with him bossing around and firing people when he is MERELY a waiter?! Bah!


But before that, a server with a president’s salary, where do I sign up?

All I can say is: bravo, scriptwriter! for creating this ultra-pestering character that makes me so wanna choke him whenever he makes an appearance.

It turns out that La Sfera is a highly lucrative Italian restaurant. After worrying about declining sales figures, San can happily hire TWO Chefs and a waiter with a president’s salary. I wonder how much the patrons pay for their minuscule meal portions – two single scallops a plate and a mouthful serving of pasta. How ridiculous! I’d never go to such eatery.


Zooming out, Pasta has lots and lots of characters whose names escape me every time. Besides the four leads, the kitchen has one sous chef, six cooks, and an assistant. Then there’s Disgraced Seol, San’s sister, Yoo-kyung’s father and brother, the trio-nagging-ex-La-Sfera-women-cooks, and the servers. I personally don’t find the leads sightly although they aren’t hard on the eyes either. They are attractive in their own way, but they aren’t facially that ‘pretty’ in my eyes (Wait! Where does ‘facially’ go in the sentence? *confused*) – if you get what I mean.

This isn’t the reason I watch a drama, but good-looking leads is definitely a plus *grin*. However, the supernumeraries provide the eye-candy I’m rooting for: Team Italy consists of pretty boys with hot bod (how can Team Korea keep up with them? =x) and the cute (head?) waiter’s casual appearances. Give them more screen time, please?

Let’s see if I have more to say after the drama ends.

Until next time, then ^ ^



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