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[MV] Mean – Taylor Swift


“Someday i’ll be …….. and all you’re ever gonna be is mean. Why you gotta be so mean?”

Mean people, go away…okay?

I was actually quite surprised to see this song as the next single, since lyrically…it’s kinda mean itself (to call someone pathetic and stuff). I admit the tune is catchy and is the most country-ish song of the album.

Aannyway, it serves as a feel-good song. It can lift someone’s mood due to its ‘vengeful’ lyrics, as if saying “you’ll see what i’ll become, so you’d better stop being mean to me. Cuz when i’d become somebody, you’d still only be mean.” Ha!

The music video is better than Back to december (which is plainly simple) and somehow reminds me of Mean Girl (the eat-in-toilet-cuz-you-reject-me scene) and Wondergirl’s Nobody (the sparkly golden retro outfit).

She looks gorgeous (as always) but it is the guitar-banjo stringed instrument that steals my attention — so unusual yet unique!



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