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[Film] Satu Jam Saja

One hug for a start, one hug for an end…

Gadis in between Hans and Andika. Typical love-triangle story. But it’s frustratingly slow (mood: dark and gloomy). Kinda funny to see Andhika didn’t play Andika here (conflicting names), which is good since his acting is no match to Vino’s.

Gadis, Hans, and Andika are friends (I guess?). Like any other girl-guy friendship, this trio isn’t purely on just-friends terms. Since Satu Jam Saja is a drama, the scriptwriter won’t buy that a girl and a guy can bond without any romantic sparks. So…it’s unsurprising to learn that Gadis secretly likes Hans, Andika is protective of her, while Hans’ feelings remains undisclosed—just don’t script him to like Andika.

One cold rainy night turns Gadis’ (Revalina S. Temat) life around. It’s not explicitly shown, but we can envision what it is: it is raining heavily, the car breaks down at the very wrong time and place, thus Gadis and Hans are stuck together in there. Hans (Andhika Pratama) is wet so Gadis asks him to remove his shirt and sympathetically offers her jacket to warm him up. Yet he sits there half-dressed and implores her to hug him as he feels cold. Gadis freezes and Hans leans in closer… Voila! She is pregnant and Hans is nowhere to find.

Andika (Vino G. Bastian) repeatedly blames himself for the accident as he “fails to protect” her. (Who he thinks he is? Her father??) He prods her when it happened—like it matters. He then heroically proposes to her, shouldering the responsibility until he can find Hans. For it he has to forgo his overseas scholarship. Gadis at first refuses and he knows why. He has long realized that Gadis likes Hans, but he is fine with it. He seems to finally convince her after declaring that he won’t touch her—literally.

Andika’s financial status is not really good as they move into a small house—compared to Hans’ or Gadis’ big houses. Their interaction is awkward as they have to formalize their conversation—no more ‘gue-elu’ but ‘aku-kamu’. Andika also has to work to finance the households; he does sweet things a good husband would do. Upon hearing Andika-Gadis’ bonding, Hans reappears, claiming that he should be the one to marry her, not Andika. Although Andika promised to keep her company only until Hans is found, he cannot easily divorce her as it will look bad for both of them. He tries to conceal Hans’ return but cautiously brings him into picture to see how Gadis will react to it. She understandably fumes whenever he talks about that coward.

Their union is not at all romantic but Gadis tries to give her mother the otherwise impression when her mother comes for a brief visit. She kisses his hand and calls him affectionately,  “Mas.” That successfully gets him fixated on her and to bemuse with a quizzical look on his face. (one ‘lol’ moment throughout)

The movie goes on wanderingly without much conflict or tension. Until Hans comes to meet Gadis personally and apologize. Gadis confronts Andika for it and storms out of the house, angry. Gadis’ parents (finally) ask why Andika is willing to sacrifice himself for Gadis this far. Isn’t it obvious??? He admits that he loves Gadis, which is overheard by her. Her attitude towards Andika subsequently changes to be more sweet and caring. She nudges him to sleep in her room though he still sleeps on the floor beside her single bed. She initiates actions such as holding his hand while walking, prodding him to buy bigger bed, and referring to her fetus as ‘theirs’. Andika surely gets nervous and restless yet welcomes such treatment sheepishly.

Things head slowly but surely toward a happy ending (I’ve plotted several possible endings along the way), but…


Sigh. I read the movie’s summary beforehand (most probably from either or, wherein the writer is so inconsiderate by leaking how the story ends. Soo…yes I already knew of the ending, yet I still hope for the otherwise (which is stupid, I know) because things do start to get better.

*spoilers ahead* see? I’m warning you. Don’t blame me for it.

I start to feel fuzzy and giddy by their newfound closeness so I know I’ll dislike the ending. Nevertheless I hope the movie could provide another ray of light so I’ll feel less disappointed. This is a Rano Karno film by the way, so I hope something better would come. Too bad it heads for the worse (when I think this cannot go any worse).

I understand it’s an unwanted pregnancy but since Gadis decided to keep it (for whatever reason), couldn’t she care for it? What’s the point of doing regular check-ups if she’s gonna ignore the doctor’s advices anyway?? No wonder it’s eventually detrimental to them both. But then the doctor is even worse. How can she deliver bad news so lightly? She starts off by scolding Andika, “I already told you…” (!!!) like it’s totally Andika’s fault that the baby dies. No matter how convincing Widyawati’s acting is, I reproach the character.

The baby’s death killed the second last hope I have of this drama. Because mother’d accompany him to eternity. My last hope was stripped off when Gadis profoundly apologizes for her inability to love Andika ‘till the end. “If only I could love you even for just an hour, I’d be able to leave peacefully.”

What -??

I know my rating would drop cruelly cuz of this alone. I mean, what kind of person is she?!? Does she still love Hans? Then why reject him when he comes to apologize?? It may not be easy to forget someone, but I don’t think it’s hard to grow to love Andika, particularly after what he does so sincerely. He’s so polite, respectful, and caring one can easily fall head over heels for him. If she cannot love a person like Andika, I have no idea what kind of man deserves to be loved. Then why she acts so ‘suggestively’?? I am ready to throw tantrum if she loves him only after the indirect confession—does it really matter?? Isn’t his feeling so palpable? Nobody—not even a friend—would agree to marry her out of sheer pity!! But the revelation makes me want to strangle the scriptwriter. Since the beginning the plot ain’t engaging and NOW you give me THIS ending???


Melodrama overkill. Overladen. Overloaded. It’s way more than I can handle. A total tear-jerker movie with no substance. They should make this into FTV instead since it doesn’t have anything special to be filmed as a movie.

SJS can go face to face with Cinta Pertama and see which one viewers like better. I can only say that acting-wise, SJS is better. If only I could love this movie even for just an hour…

I really couldn’t rate this movie any higher.

Rating: 1.5/5
Director: Ario Rubbik
Production: Karnos Film, Juni 2010
Cast: Vino G. Bastian, Revalina S. Temat, Andhika Pratama
Genre: Melodrama

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