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Piterband vs Peterpan

Piterband (or peterband) is a cheap impersonation of Peterpan.

And the act of copying is so obvious that if anyone claims that they’re different, it’s either he/she is in denial or is completely blind and deaf.

I mean, first of all, read the name. If piterband isn’t even close to Peterpan, please just punch me.
Second, the vocalist’s name. ARUL. yeah, rite.
Third, the hairstyle, clothing selections, and somewhat the looks.
Fourth, the stage act. The way he holds the mike AND articulates AND hunches a little AND stomps ONE foot when singing.
Fifth, the song. I only heard a fraction of it yet i can confidently tell that the intro and the tune for the first word of the song exactly come from the ‘legendary’ song Ada apa denganmu.
And yep, sixth, they are thick-skinned enough to title it Ada-ada aja denganmu.
Seventh, the concept of the video clip. If AFTER spotting them on TV you still couldn’t pinpoint the striking similarities, I am…dumbfounded.

Let’s face this: if two of the original conceptors of Peterpan couldn’t even come close to replicate the success of the group they ingloriously left (hint: The Titans), i have no idea how those bums could even dare to exist what this band has in mind. Pshaw! Oh, Charly, please don’t make me patronize you further. And yes, you’d better be ready for criticism cuz you’ll see just how overwhelming and harsh it is.

But then again, what do I expect? A confession? No thief would blatantly admit their crime. Thus, I intelligibly cannot demand to see him openly say, “Yes. As you can see, we try to be as close as possible to Peterpan. Hey, it’s unlikely that they’ll go on stage to entertain us all soon, so why don’t you all check my new band out? BTW, it’s called Piterband! (smile)”, right??

Eniwei, here’s the bright-side: it’s evident how huge the gap Ariel left. Besides Peterpan’s great songs, it’s Ariel’s charm (for better or worse) that carries Peterpan up to this state. This is the very thing that got sniffed out by Charly. He won’t (re)form piterband if he isn’t convinced that the group could be his money machine. Oh yes, this proves how massive Peterpan’s fan-base is—and how still promisingly potential the market is. Even though loyal fans won’t fall for these lousy tricks.

I’m looking forward to the moment their tongues slip (when mentioning the band’s name). That’d be… epic interesting.



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