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"Kami anggota dewan… kami tak tahu malu…"

Last Thursday’s (5 May) episode of Provocative Proactive aired on MetroTV was beyond EPIC although I detested the guest’s choice. There are a lot of better people to be invited to the show besides nudirman munir, please~ what a shame he bears the same name as MUNIR the human rights activist yet he doesn’t follow even the slightest trace of Munir’s altruistic deeds.

I was late to catch the show on time thus by the time I switched the channel the parties in their respective colors, including him, were already in the middle of discussion. The talk wasn’t far from the controversies of new DPR building—and why it’s necessary to have a new building in his opinion—and how his party’s yellow voice is the people’s voice:

“Gedung yg sekarang udah ga mgkn lagi. Ruangan terlalu kecil dan sempit. Tempat meeting ga ada. Kalau (di dlm ruangan) ada meja lebih dari dua, kita harus naik meja dulu baru bisa duduk. File (menumpuk) di mana2, bahkan kolong meja udh penuh file—kaki ga bs dilurusin. Ke WC ngantri, naik lift ngantri.”

He then repeated the same reason but instead of saying 2 desks, in his reinstatement he said three (desks). He also mentioned that he’s currently on idle since he’s finished all the work given to him. The TWO allocated RUU were done and government has yet to give him more. WHAT THE – ?!?! YOU DEMAND BIGGER OFFICE SPACE WHEN YOU’RE NOT EVEN WORKING!!! Too bad you don’t find yours spacious enough. Maybe it’s time to shed some pounds, mister?

But when he showed up on Metro Siang (11 May) as another skanky guest (lo~ve Sujiwo Tedjo’s remarks there), he said FOUR RUU. (The caster hit the bull’s eye: “how about initiative” from his part?? He was so agitated that he was stuttering when making his long-winding points and refused to stop talking, claiming that she didn’t let him talk.)* Even from these two statements, it can be inferred how inconsistent his words are. What do you think DPR tower is, a hotel so each of you can have your own toilet?? Will the new tower have 560 lifts so none of you would ever need to queue up?? Unbelievable. Yet those reasons aren’t solid enough to decide on the uber-costly new grand building.

In the following section, the hosts transformed into a new singing group named d’deyw*nts (read: the dewans) and unleashed their first single, Serasa bening (a parody of Nuansa bening). A melodious song with satirical lyrics. Nearly all executed their parts well but Dika with his rap part was a major fail—although I bet the lyrics were pasted on the screen in front of ‘em (lol).

About the song (lyrics)… I honestly don’t know what to feel. Should I smile or grimace? Should I laugh or jeer? Should I find it funny or despairing? Should I be happy cuz it’s well-put or ashamed cuz that’s the fact? I actually found myself smiling—and I applaud whoever composed the lyrics—but deep inside I know it only provided temporary relief. After that, what? I doubt members of parliament watch TV or read news cuz they’ve turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to all of medias—ours—criticism and public outcry. If yes, does any of these upset you, poke your dignity, or evoke morality?

Guess what? I agree with what Ronal said in the previous episode. Mungkin orang-orang ini harus diculik dan “dicuci otaknya biar bisa mikirin rakyat”; atau dibajak, disekep, disiksa (ngerasain susah) dan kalo perlu ga usah ditebus lg biar pada sadar dan tobat.

Dear Mr. President, could you please put this to a complete halt? And could you please cut down the budget for (at least) their fruitless trips?? I don’t care whether this is within your authority to stop this, but please please please do something. Please show us that you are capable of being/doing more than only saying, “I’m concerned…” Please show us concrete evidence that you still have teeth and capacity to bring the nation into order. Else gone my last bit of respect/trust I have of you…

Anggota dewan…

Masihkah memiliki mata yg masih bisa melihat?
Masihkah memiliki telinga yg masih bisa mendengar?
Masihkah memiliki hidung yg mampu mengendus kebobrokan?
Masihkah memiliki lidah yg masih bisa mengecap asam garam kehidupan?
Masihkah memiliki mulut yg masih bisa berbicara kebajikan dan kebenaran?

Masihkah memiliki otak yg masih bisa memikirkan rakyat?
Masihkah memiliki hati yg masih mampu berempati?
Masihkah memiliki tangan yg masih bisa bekerja halal?
Masihkah memiliki kaki yg masih bisa berjalan di jalan Tuhan?
Masihkah memiliki keinginan untuk menjadi manusia mulia?

Masihkah memiliki niat untuk melunasi utang janji yg telah terucap?
Masihkah memiliki mimpi untuk memajukan bangsa dan Negara?
Masihkah memiliki rasa patriotis dan nasionalis?
Masihkah ada yg manusiawi dan rendah hati?
Masihkah ada yg bersih dan tidak korupsi?

Masihkah ada yg peduli?

* comments added on May 11, 2011

to (re)watch the full show, go to metrotvnews[dot]com
alternatively, go here for the song’s cut

the lyrics is hardsubbed on the show itself, but i’ll paste it here anyway~

<d’deyw*nts – Serasa bening>

Oh, kami yang nekat dan tebal muka, tak takut kualat
Kami setuju keliling dunia
Karena pekerjaan kami tak mudah
Jangan kau usik keinginan kami ‘tuk gedung baru
Kau unjuk rasa di sana di sini
Berkoar-koar, tak’kan kami dengarkan
Kami wakil dirimu
Kami bukan menjauh, tapi memang tak dekat
Kami orang pilihan, kami anggota dewan
Kami tak tahu malu
You know
Kami memang jago, jago bikin ilfeel
Kami memang kacau, tak pernah tersentil
Kami memang lebay, otak kami sempit
‘Kan terus berkicau meski karya s’dikit
Sudahlah kau diam dan jangan banyak blablabla
Situ tepar kita tetap nyanyi lalala
We dont care what’s going on cuz our mind is gone
We’re just a bunch of kids who play in a playground
Kau unjuk rasa di sana di sini
Berkoar-koar, tak’kan kami dengarkan
Kami wakil dirimu
Kami bukan menjauh, tapi memang tak dekat
Kami orang pilihan, kami anggota dewan
Kami tak tahu malu
Gedung baru… studi banding… buang uang… reses nyantai!


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