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I once vocalized my hostility towards certain politicians and received unfriendly backlash from my parents—thus I needed to be more discreet about this. Yes, they are totally correct that I don’t benefit from dragging them through the mud since those I badmouthed will certainly not aware of that; they’ll continue living as they are and I’ll be the one ‘hurting’ from holding the grudge.

But… their remarks have been preposterously unconscionable that I cannot just sit by and watch and let it go like my parents’ advice. I mean, after hearing such insensible comments, I cannot possibly think, “okay, that was a bad thing to say (in public)” and go on with my life as if nothing happens! I’m clearly in no power to oust them—more frustratingly to even do something to change it—but my mind speaks for itself! Their unrepentant acts will no doubt enrage anybody whose correct mind is still properly functioning. For me, their beings insult my intellectual nous.

Bagiku, apa yg mereka lakukan dan katakan melukai rasa kemanusiaanku, menyinggung rasa kebangsaanku, dan mengoyak hati nurani dan akal sehatku. Aku jelas-jelas tak menginginkan orang-orang seperti mereka untuk mewakiliku, masyarakat, dan Negara di mata internasional. Karena bagaimana mungkin seorang yg ditinggikan bisa bersikap dan berucap yg se-tidak-simpatik seperti itu??



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