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Orang yg baik?? … Lom nemu.

Babe: “Si AF mah orangnya licik; papi mah bbrp kali liat jg bisa nilai orang.”
Aku: “Papi mah siapa juga ga disukain. Adaa aja jeleknya. Namanya juga manusia pih, mana ada yg ga ada jeleknya?”
Babe: “Ya tapi jgn yg licik dong.”
Mamoy: “Iya, kamu OA ga suka, TF ga suka, skrg AF jg ga suka.”
Aku: “Kalo gitu siapa coba yg papi suka?”
Babe: “Kalau emang baik pasti papi blg –”
Aku: “Ya siapa? Sebut aja, sebutin satu!” desakku ga sabar.
Babe: “… belom nemu.”


Papi udah hidup selama hampir 58 tahun tapi belom nemu SATU pun orang baik di dunia ini??

Maybe it’s a good thing not to be able to ‘read’ people’s characters just by looking at them like my father claimed he could. I don’t know if such ‘gift’ exists, but i believed my friend R had said similar thing about reading people’s true personality and such.

Memang betul aku percaya dan masih tetap yakin bahwa setiap manusia PADA DASARNYA baik, tetapi aku juga yakin bahwa tidak ada satu pun manusia di muka bumi ini yg 100% baik, yg selama dan sepanjang hidupnya hanya berbuat hal-hal yg menyenangkan orang lain, yg tak pernah sekalipun berbuat kesalahan atau dosa, yg tak pernah menyakiti atau membuat orang lain terluka baik lewat perkataan, pikiran, maupun perbuatan. Bahkan tidak juga pemuka agama—tak peduli seberapa besar orang-orang memuja, meninggikan, mendewakan, mengelu-elukan, dan mengagung-agungkan mereka.

Memang benar dunia tak selebar daun kelor, tapi manusia juga tak sebaik yg kukira; dunia tak berjalan sebaik yg kugadangkan. Namanya juga manusia, terkadang khilaf, terkadang gelap mata dan melakukan kesalahan. Berhubungan/kontak kalau ada perlu/maunya. It’s human nature, i think, that we have both best and worst qualities.


Hereafter say whatever you wish to say. I’m not listening. I won’t be listening anymore. End of discussion.

It’s tiring to be nice. It takes effort to be a nice person while it doesn’t even need a bat of an eyelash to be wicked. This gets me to contemplate if in reality people are born evil—that humans are not fundamentally kind. Maybe…viciousness is innate; kindness is nurtured. We learn to act nicely. This is where education comes in.

Because, hey, nobody teaches a newly born to be selfish and stubborn, yet they behave like one. Babies cry whenever they want something—seeking attention—and cry louder when their wants aren’t fulfilled. Toddlers would shout and shriek and screech to get what they want. And they’ll treat their siblings poorly that parents need to tell them that it ain’t nice. They’ll be taught how to share and compromise. Then how to be courteous, tolerant, and sensible—and the list goes on infinitely.

Nobody says that life’s gonna be easy. But nobody says it ain’t easy to be a good person. Nobody advises to never trust anyone. Nobody tells how hard it is to be humble, sincere, patient, or honest (etc etc). We can only see faces, never their hearts let alone read their minds. People say what they don’t mean, never mean what they say. People are hypocritical and pretentious.

Nobody ever told anyone how to hurt others yet we’re expert on that. Everybody has been telling us to treat others nicely (golden rules, platinum rules, so-and-so rules) yet we never become quite…good. It’s likely that ‘cruelty’ is our middle names.



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