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“Scene” Stadium Concert

1. *[FULL] movin’ on – chorus dance (rap part is cool!)
2. yurase, ima wo
3. troublemaker – full dance (heart mark <3) – no ohno bullying this time as they dance separately for the ending
4. happiness – dance only for the 1st chorus
5. [FULL] attack it
(opening greeting)
6. everything
7. nino’s solo – can never remember the title =p – surprisingly plain (i expected a playful performance) but for the big red heart at the end that made my heart skipped a beat…
8. *rock you
9. *[FULL] kitto daijoubu – light chorus dance
10. hadashi no mirai – stand mike chorus dance
11. [FULL?] a day in our life – juntoshi moment (ohno’s kiss LOL)
12. [FULL] summer splash – giant super high water fountain
13. shizuka na yoru ni – strikingly similar to his previous solos in previous concerts, alas nothing new =( I was looking forward to this but disappointed by his unappealing dance choreo
14. [FULL] mukae ni iku yo – what’re they doing with those hideous serviceman outifts??
15. season
16. hero
17. T.A.B.O.O. – dance choreo below expectation but that glittery-red outfit suits him well. still love the performance tho
18. *[FULL] let me down – full dance
19. kagero – full dance
20. oh yeah
21. *lucky man – so little dance!! love how they play ard tho.
22. one love – “hand mic (dance) pattern”

23. refrain – light hand dance
24. [FULL] gift
25. my girl
26. come back to me – the beginning is genuinely creative although matsujun has done flying tricks before (in yabai3x)
27. magical song – my favorite solo performance by surprise. the lights-on costume is breathtakingly brilliant!!
28. *pika**nchi double
29. love so sweet – oh sakumiya… and ohno kept ‘fishing’ =p
30. *kotoba yori taisetsu na mono
31. *believe – no dancing for believe?!?! i want to see them dance!! i suppose sho’s pitch for the rap part is getting higher and higher
(sho and his english) – i should say it was pretty clear
(arashi show time) – more of junba show time =p (air acrobatic)
32. circus – another unbelievable outfits – the 3D cubes are kinda pointless imo
(re(mix)able dance) – 43:00 – 49:30 is the best!!!! i love love love love love dancing arashi~
33. monster – full dance – hanabiii~~ (which should i focus on: arashi or the firework?)

thank-you speech
sho = let us be a five-colored rainbow to shine over you during your stormy days
ohno = i see and remember tons of faces, so please make sure to use make-up ne~ (LOL!!)
aiba = (poor aiba. his voice was so hoarse!) let’s keep living together! (cute aiba~)
nino = (bratty nino still bullied aiba ’till the very end) this is the Arashi that we want you to see
jun = i want to do my best to see your smiles–that makes the scenery that im seeing a very happy one

34. [FULL] to be free
35. *sora takaku – nino & balloons – finally get to see Arashi sing this song! cho ureshii~

36. *[FULL] still
37. [FULL?] fight song
38. beautiful days
39. *sakura sake
40. *kansha kangeki ame arashi
41. love rainbow

[FULL] = the song was sung in full version
[FULL?] = not sure if it’s the full version as i never heard the full version of the song before xp
* = rap part included

1. Bountiful juntoshi moments (including ohno’s kiss)

2. Aiba was mercilessly bullied.
Watch the members teasing and laughing at him for whatever he said from opening greeting to MC to thank-you speech.

3. Rap, rap, and rap.
I guess they really made the rapper work this time. If a song contains rap part, rest assured that the rapper’d sing his part.

4. Arashi Show Time

5. Remarkable “Re(mix)able Dance”
Truly cool and impressive!! I can watch this part over and over again without getting bored.

1. No “Mada ue wo” (and “Don’t Stop”)
So if you’re like me who’s dying to see Mada ue wo being performed, prepare to be disappointed. How come they left out those two when the concert is to promote the album??

2. No “Dear Snow” and “Hatenai Sora” yet

3. No tour digest this time.
Dunno if we’ll ever get to see aimiya kiss or Sakumiya SK parts

4. Few songs sung in full, even the solos.
I think only T.A.B.O.O. is sung in full. Dunno about Come Back to Me. It’s Jun’s solos only that i cant stand listening to (no offense).
Album-wise, only Movin’ On, Summer Splash, Mukae ni Iku Yo, Let Me Down, and Gift are fully sung. In total, 6/17 is quite low imo. I personally think they put full versions on wrong songs. They should’ve performed those from the album in full and not the older songs.

5. Limited dancing.
Dancing Arashi is <3. I prefer seeing dancing Arashi to watching them merely waving hands at the audience. I never attend a live concert before, so idk what the audience prefers. But seeing such a HUGE stadium, i doubt they could even see the members clearly.
Another comment, i’d be grateful if the cameramen would give us full-body shots when they dance instead of keep switching from one another and giving us close-up shots. I want to see the choreo when they dance, not their individual faces! You can do it when they’re waving hands or standing still.

It was a good concert but not a nifty one. Maybe i was expecting this concert too much that, honestly, i am disappointed by it =( I’ve watched four concerts so far, and i still like AAA TOKYO followed by TIME best.

Idk why, but Arashi looked somewhat tired and less energetic during the concert with the exception of Aiba. Almost losing his voice, he was still in full energy.

I can see they put a lot of efforts into this. Many new tricks and attractions shown (from super high water fountains to lighting dances to flying slings to illuminating clothes).

But as usual, MatsuJun invariably gets the best treatment. His solo is always the most creative and ‘complicated’ and includes the most concepts (from flying to playing a game to laser to lights).

Disappointed by how only a few songs sung in full (and no MADA UE WO!) and accompanied by dance movements, but it pays off to see the rapper put into full use.

Rating: 3.5/5
Arashi 10-11 Tour – “Scene” [kimi to boku no miteiru fuukei] – stadium
Concert Tour © Johnny & Associates
which is correct: tour concert or concert tour? *confused*
ARASHI: Aiba Masaki, Matsumoto Jun, Ninomiya Kazunari, Ohno Satoshi, Sakurai Sho



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