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Customer Service Woes

Even in my dream, customer service is neither friendly nor helpful *sigh*

I dunno if I need to share with you my bad experiences with customer service—especially in Jkt—since it’d reopen recovering wounds.

Sooo…yeah…I think customer service isn’t always customer-oriented or providing customer-related services since dealing with customer services (so far) has given me more troubles than solutions; more frustrations than settling down; more anger than solved. Well, you name it.

The notions of ‘customer is king’ or ‘customer’s always right’ clearly don’t apply here. Besides lacking in information and initiative, most of them (if not all) won’t admit if they make mistakes. Forget about a word of apology or sorry comes out from their mouths, they will incessantly make we customers feel that we are the perpetrator, that we are the careless one, that we are the misinformed one. Not them, never them. How insane is that?!?!

And yes, I must add, they WONT give or offer you any acceptable solution to your problem or complaint. They’d merely say, “I don’t know” or “I can’t do that.” Rarely would they check the matters FOR you. Neither would they follow you up. We would always be the party to pursue for our rights but we’d mostly receive none. They won’t take any responsibilities, sense of ownership, let alone blame.

In a nutshell, dealing with customer service will give you frustration only. But no matter what, my sense of justice always nudges me to log a complaint if a disturbing matter already exceeds my tolerance level—even though I obviously know what I’d end up with—to see if THAT customer service can actually DO something about it *sigh*

Am I actually hard to please? That everything others do to me just isn’t good enough?
Or am I really a negative person? That I can instantly spot a flaw in everything I see and feel and experience?
Or am I easily provoked? That an itch would turn into a huge uproar?
Or… am I simply expecting too much? That nothing lives up to my (so-called) standards? Maybe I exerted myself too hard when I worked in similar positions so that I expect to receive matching treatment when I am the customer.
But… am I wrong if I expect good service? That I expect them to improve and get better?

Because in real life, nothing works as what they said on and I learned from textbooks. Are they writing lies, then?



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