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Lost for Words

I’ve been marveling
How ugly people can become
How untruthful people can be
How shameless people are

I am marveled
How people can afford to lie again and again
How people can afford to cheat
How people can afford to corrupt

How they bear disgracefulness with such dignity
How they guiltlessly do filthy business
And make lots of money from it
And finance their lives with such sources

I know enough is never enough
But do we need to be uber-greedy?
Do we need to have just every thing?
Do we need to grab whatsoever’s in front of us?

Why everyone wants to be rich and successful
Instead of to live happily and healthily?
Why money is always be the gauge
When wealthy is highly subjective?

Can’t the haves be more considerate?
A day splurging can feed the poor for a year
The price of a sport car can never be earned by millions
Some are mired in burgeoning debt, not piles of gold

I am appalled
How injustice flourishes day by day
How unbelievable the gap between rich and poor is
How money blinds everyone concerned

Why we let money rule the world?
Why we allow money to turn things over?
The baddies turn innocents
While true innocents left undefended

Why even law plays favorites?
Real jerks are treated favorably
While hapless victims are penalized sternly
Where rightfulness has gone?

How come they still can keep a straight face
Or even flash a revolted smile
When all of their misconducts are unearthed?
When their sinful behaviors are publicized?

How can they call themselves the representation of the people
When never do they ever listen to what the people are saying
Don’t they feel ashamed?
Do they even know what shame is?

Is it because they know law cannot touch them?
That nothing can punish them fairly enough?
That nothing can bring the outlaws to justice?
As long as there is power and money to guard them?

Can’t we be well-off if we’re honest?
Is that why we’re not what we’d like
Is that why luck seemed to avoid us
Is it because we’re far too honest?



I blog sometimes, gush ofttimes, snark all the time.

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