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A Humble Plea

Just some random thoughts…
couldn’t keep it inside, so i just let it out…
After a letter to Mother Earth, these words came to my mind…

Dear fellow humans:

don’t you all see
what’s happening everywhere?
don’t you still deny
that it’s part of our fault?

don’t you realize
what this planet has given us?
don’t you recognize
how much this world has supported us?

don’t we all agree
that the Earth has been our best friend all along?
don’t we all admit
how much we owe the Earth for our very existence?

don’t we experience
friends turning into foes
happiness turning into sadness
laughter turning into tears

don’t we learn
moderation is the best
while too much means disaster
why can’t we live in balance?

don’t we all know
how hard it is to make new friends or gain trust
how easy it is to lose one
why do we need to have the Earth against us too?

don’t we think
how beautiful the world is
how pretty the wonders are
how much more we long to see?

why don’t we look around
which part of us that doesn’t come from nature?
why don’t we notice
which of our possessions that isn’t made of nature?

don’t we all witness
how powerful and destructive nature can be
how helpless we are when it blows a fuse
how fragile we are on its face

don’t we easily dismiss global warming
and continue to live as we like it?
but don’t we painfully watch
how many things are gone in seconds?

so… why can’t we stand up for the Earth?
when our lives clearly depend on it
why can’t we take care of Mother Earth?
when we live on and share this place together

Dear fellow mankind:

don’t we all dream
a world filled with happiness
where unity and peace flourish
where people are all equal

so… why can’t we make it reality?
when we learned all about it in school
why can’t we actualize those things now?
when we struggled to memorize them for the tests then

don’t we all learn
how war took so much but benefited none
why can’t we learn from history and past mistakes?
and make this world a better place to live

so… why do we have to resort to violence?
when we are the most intellectual creatures
why do have to use our brain to hurt others?
when we can do so for humanity

so… why some of us feel superior than others?
what right do we have to punish others?
why some of us are so heartless to them?
what right to we have to assume God’s role to adjudicate?

so… why can’t we follow our hearts’ desires?
when we distinctly know what they are
why can’t we let our feelings shine through?
when we’re wishing for the exactly same things

Dear fellow friends:

why we unite only when disaster strikes?
why we pray for others only when tragedy occurs?
how come our concern for the world is seasonal?
how come our care for others is conditional?

can’t we be more considerate?
choose to use as needed, not as wanted
can’t we make use of nature’s richness more wisely?
for our future to enjoy and see the things we have to date

why don’t we vote for Mother Earth?
while we still have the ability and capability
why don’t we conserve the Earth?
while we can still sow a seed today

just start from self…
just start after this…

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.
~ Author unknown

credit: ladder



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