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Dear Mother Earth

Mother Earth, dear Mother Earth
don’t you cry
for how we have misbehaved
because you’ll wet the universe
and when our waterways are clogged
your overflowing tears will turn into floods

Mother Earth, beautiful Mother Earth
don’t you rage
for how we’re mistreating your body
because you’ll create thunder that flashes up the sky
and you’ll scare little children away
your combustible energy will cause flames of fire

Mother Earth, lovely Mother Earth
don’t you stomp your feet
seeing how we’re over-exploiting your resources
because you’ll shake the ground we’re standing on
and when your shoulders shudder
you’ll produce major earthquakes and tsunamis we all fear

Mother Earth, beloved Mother Earth
don’t you sigh heavily
seeing how fierce and ignorant we are
because your breath will turn into strong winds
and when they’re playing around too much
they’ll become hurricanes and tornadoes that blow everything away

Mother Earth, kind Mother Earth
don’t you upset
for all the mistakes and sins we’ve committed
because your anger awakens sleeping volcanoes
and when those giant green mountains erupt
smokes blacken blue sky while lava wipes it all out

Mother Earth, patient Mother Earth
don’t give up on us now
because our lives depend solely on you
and we’re not here to destroy you
we’re sometimes oblivious of how blessed we are to have you
but we’re all sad when you are like this

Mother Earth, nice Mother Earth
don’t stop wondering
why can’t we treat you more nicely?
when we’re living on you
why can’t we live together peacefully?
when we’re sharing this planet together

Mother Earth, supportive Mother Earth
don’t lose hope
for why can’t we actualize what we learned in school
about tolerance, consideration, going green
unity, diversity, equality, empathy
or wonder where they have gone

Mother Earth, delicate Mother Earth
don’t you break down
seeing how we sweat the small stuff
because people emphasize on the differences
and don’t you walk out seeing how easy we hurt others
or wonder why they don’t let God decide our time on Earth

Mother Earth, strong Mother Earth
don’t look away now
because it’s always like this
good and bad are living together under one roof
and they will never be on the same page
but doesn’t good always win against evil?

Mother Earth, friendly Mother Earth
don’t do this
because fire, water, wind, and soil are our friends
we need them to survive, not as foes
let us cherish more of your beauties
allow us to see more of your best wonders

Mother Earth, our Mother Earth
please calm down
because it’s happening all over the world
quakes, floods, fires, hurricanes, slides
they’ve taken important things from us
and there’s no sign of cooling down

Mother Earth, our dear Mother Earth
please stop this turbulence
because our heart aches to see this
because we cannot fight nature’s wrath
is this our punishment?
or you don’t like us anymore?

Mother Earth, dear Mother Earth
please forgive us for everything
even if we deserve this
because we need you and we love you
please continue to support us
because we’ll embrace and preserve you


writer’s note:
Support this year month’s Earth Hour, will you?



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