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One Hundred Blessings

This is one of the story titles in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Positive to which i am challenged to do the same as the author did. The opening paragraph read as follows:

“One day, while i was going through tough times, i read a book that challenged me to stop feeling sorry for myself and instead, list one hundred blessings in my life. Since i was wallowing in my dark mood it seemed like an impossible task. But as soon as i began to randomly write down the positive things in my life, i was amazed how quickly one hundred blessings spilled onto the page. Soon my furrowed brow disappeared and i began to smile.

Afterwards, when i read through my long list of blessings i realized… i could easily add a hundred more.

Life is good.” (By Miriam Hill, pg 172-5)

And there followed her long list of blessings in her life. It consisted of simple and little things that we may take for granted, yet they are truly blessings. Reading how “easy” she claimed it was to list the 100 blessings in her life, i was lured to try too. This is not the first time i am thankful and grateful for the things i have, but… yeah, i have been in negative state of mind since my graduation it easily overshadows all the good things i’ve had and enjoyed until now.

I just want to start counting my blessings… and see if i can recite One Hundred Blessings.
*Since i’ve read hers, some points of mine might thus be unintentionally similar*

101 Blessings (as per Jan 2011)
1.    Being alive
2.    Being healthy
3.    Celebrated my 22nd birthday with my whole family
4.    Having lived for 22—and counting—years
5.    Took pictures with five of us in it, smiling – countdown timer is the king!
6.    Punya 5 indera yg normal
7.    Anggota tubuh yg lengkap dan sempurna
8.    Organ tubuh yg berfungsi dengan baik
9.    Tidak memiliki kelainan
10.    Tidak mengidap penyakit apapun
11.    Haven’t caught a cold or fallen ill for the past… 13 months?
12.    Haven’t needed dentist treatment for several years
13.    Never been obese or overweight
14.    Have a stature many admire
15.    Almost no allergies – it doesnt hurt to have allergies for alcoholic drinks
16.    I can consume practically everything – as long as they’re edible and digestible
17.    I also can drink nearly anything – except alcoholic beverages
18.    Keluarga yg utuh dan rukun
19.    Mamoy
20.    Babe
21.    Kobau
22.    Bontot
23.    Loving caring Popoh
24.    My Godparents
25.    Super nice aunts
26.    Supportive uncles
27.    Many many cousins
28.    Past and present friends
29.    Love and being loved
30.    Being confessed to
31.    Money
32.    Debt-free
33.    Home
34.    House
35.    Own room
36.    Atap yg melindungi dari hujan
37.    Lantai yg melindungi dari dingin
38.    Dinding yg melindungi dari angin
39.    Driving license – yes, girls CAN drive!
40.    Received education
41.    Beasiswa
42.    Studied overseas
43.    Bachelor’s Degree
44.    Graduated on time – i completed my academic study in two years and three months
45.    Earned academic distinction – personal pride
46.    Three-year worth of professional working experience
47.    Met or worked with people from diverse backgrounds
48.    Visited several overseas countries
49.    Explored Java, Lampung, Bali, Lombok
50.    Hoki pake
51.    Laptop
52.    MP3 Player
53.    USBs
54.    Cellphone
55.    My memory
56.    Well fed – three or more times a day
57.    Never starved or dehydrated
58.    Never been hospitalized
59.    Never been physically injured
60.    Never been robbed
61.    Tidak pernah kekurangan
62.    Varieties of clothes and footwear
63.    Good command of English (read, write, listen, and speak)
64.    Basic understanding of Chinese
65.    Have dedication, dreams, and goals
66.    Read good, inspirational, informative books
67.    Music
68.    TV
69.    Makeup (both noun and verb) – thanks to the Gurus on YouTube
70.    ARASHI – they’ve made lots of my days, erased my bad moods, cheered me up A LOT
71.    Ikuta Toma – his “ore wa homo janai~” was priceless and unforgettable!
72.    Videos’ uploaders, subbers, translators, etc – too many to name; thanks heaps
73.    Dramas, movies, talk shows, variety shows – source of learning and entertainment
74.    Internet! – dunno what i’d do without you…
75.    Able to cook simple food
76.    Able to ride bicycles
77.    Able to motorcycle
78.    Able to play a musical instrument (suling = whistle?)
79.    Basic swimming skills – yes, i can float! =p
80.    Skating experience – haven’t skated in years… decades?
81.    Bisa baca not balok
82.    Skiing experience
83.    Computer literate
84.    Received praises and appreciation
85.    Liked by my coworkers and suppliers
86.    Big comfortable bed
87.    Enough sleep everyday – often more than enough =)
88.    Car(s) to use
89.    Bisa dan mampu berhemat
90.    Punya tabungan – salaries included
91.    Not addicted to anything
92.    Never crossed path with bad guys
93.    I have tools, machines, equipment, and necessities of life
94.    A simple life
95.    Live well
96.    Good healthy skin
97.    Wajah yg cenderung mulus
98.    Thick black hair
99.    My DIARY!! How can i forget you??? – i develop my writing skills from this
100.    Been blessed! I-can-do-it attitude
101.    Camera*

Whoa~ i finally finish it. It took me nearly two hours to complete the list. It is indeed a long list. Well, i paused at times and pondered, “What else? What else?” I know it’s there but somehow i couldn’t summon it immediately. The last 10 was the hardest. Maybe i thought too much to include anything that’s dear to me instead of randomly writing them off like Ms. Hill did. If i have to write another 100 blessings, i am confident i can accomplish it although i possibly need longer time.

It is probably easier to list the negative things rather than the good ones. Well, i have to admit it is much easier to find flaws than good qualities. However, if we really think about it and count our blessings, they are plenty of them in life!

I just proved it.

I’m glad i did ^_^

Sometimes… we need to stop, take a break, and think of anything other than daily routines. To see what we’ve missed. To catch up with ‘life’. To reconcile with things we’ve enjoyed and loved doing but been left out and put aside. When we’re engrossed in our daily tasks, sometimes we forget the little things. It is essential not only to work hard, but also to play hard. And this is probably the greatest perk i’ve obtained since taking a break from working and study life for an unforeseeable future until i get a job. I’ve been enjoying myself.

*) i decided to make it 101 instead after reading the opening paragraph of the special foreword of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Stories of Faith:

For us, 101 has always been a magical number […] We love the number 101 because it signifies a beginning, not an end. After 100, we start anew with 101.

We hope that when you finish reading one of our books, it is only a beginning for you too—a new outlook in life, a renewed sense of purpose, a strengthened resolve to deal with an issue that has been bothering you.

when my mind flew to this list which ended on number 100. I can surely make more than 100, but because the title was 100 Blessings, i jotted down ‘only’ 100, not more or fewer than that. But since the above lines got me, i decided to add just one more of the many more Blessings that i’ve been receiving.

Actually i can easily make the 101th blessing even without thinking further about it since my 100th blessing was a double-entry which can be easily separated to make the 101th entry. But anyway, i decided to add a brand-new blessing which was inexplicably left out when i was counting my 100 Blessings then.

So, with camera i ended my 101 Blessings List. I hope it indeed served as a new beginning for me, so i can recount my bountiful amount of blessings i’m receiving daily. And may with it come the next 101 Blessings in my life. And the next 101, and the next 101…

And i hope with my camera i can see more of the world’s beauties, to locate happiness that’s lurking just behind every thing, and to capture every moment with bliss and gratefulness.

talking about exceeding expectation? =p



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