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[MV] Tak Ada yang Abadi – Peterpan

Salah satu lagu terakhir dari band yg bernama Peterpan.

i like this song so much i was looking forward to the MV.
i was so curious how the MV was gonna be like.
i imagined that it would be grand and “beautiful” like bintang di surga or cobalah mengerti

well,,when i finally saw it… my jaw literally dropped open.
frank to say, i was totally disappointed.
the song with beautiful, touching, and inspiring lyrics ended up having such MV??
the beginning was fine, but when it came to the ‘climax’, how come it turned out to be a killing massacre?!?!

well…it’s either u love it or hate it.
i just expressed my opinion, and i was disappointed, and unwilling to watch it for the second time no matter how ‘hot’ Ariel looked in that yellow shirt.

what about you??



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