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[Buku] Dua Belas Pendar Bintang


Loved it.

A story about a girl named Selma who admired fairytale, believed it, and dreamt of it. Her favorite was “15 Pendar Bintang”. She requested that story to be read almost every night during her childhood, including the night when the story couldn’t be read finished, when her mom would never be able to read her stories anymore…
The night when her mother was gone forever because of a car accident.

Eight years later, she became a teenager, and still admired fairytales. A boy named Ruffan fell in love with her, but he broke her heart by reading her diary book in front of the class, reading the fairytale, and laughing at it. From that moment onwards, Selma hated him, let alone when he moved to USA.

Years later, they met again, but Selma already found someone else called Lewi. Selma seakan menemukan Pangeran itu dalam sosok kakak kelasnya yang disebut-sebut sebagai salah satu cowok most-wanted di kalangan cewek-cewek. Lewi adalah cowok idaman cewek-cewek di sekolah Selma. Ketua OSIS, pintar, baik, ganteng, intinya…perfect! (from lil_pixie) Sadly, Lewi disliked Selma being obsessed with fairytales while Ruffan tried to redeem his mistake by making the fairytale come true…!!

Well, Ruffan tuh tengil banget, suka n lucu aja ngebaca tingkah muka-badaknya n segala tindak tanduk lumayan-romantisnya…
Jadi pengen,,hehehe…

Bingung kenapa dongengnya berjudul “15 Pendar Bintang” tp kok judul bukunya “12 Pendar Bintang”??? Makanya, beli or at least pinjem (like me, haha), n baca duoooooonkkk…!!!

Rating: 4/5
By Alexandra Leirissa Yunadi
Penerbit: GPU, 2006
Genre: Remaja

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